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Solar Goes Green F108-2

Solar Goes Green F108-2 is a solar powered dusk till dawn floodlight that has 108 LED diodes and provides around 540 lumens form a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours with full charge. This is an all purpose light and can be considered one

MicroSolar FL5-B 180 LED solar floodlight

MicroSolar FL5-B is one of the bet solar powered floodlights on the market as this light has the power output of 1000 lumens and it can work continuously for 8 to 12 hours but the solar panel is able to recharge the Lithium ion battery in a

Reusable revolutions 24 LED solar floodlight review

Reusable Revolutions 24 LED Dual Head adjustable solar powered floodlight is a light fixture that has two 12 LED bulb heads that can be adjusted to your likening but it also has 4000 mAh Lead Acid battery that will provide light for up to 10 hours. This fixture is not motion

MicroSolar 256 LED solar floodlight

MicroSolar 256 LED diode solar floodlight is one of the brightest LED diode bulbs giving out about 1200 lumens but working completely from that solar panel and recharging those internal batteries during the daytime. The fixture itself has the dimensions of 15.4 x 15.2 x 8.4 (39cm

MicroSolar 42 LED solar floodlight review

MicroSolar 42 LED outdoor floodlight is a light fixture that has 180 lumen output and will work for up to 10 hours with that fully charger lithium ion battery. The light consists of two parts where the first one is the floodlight itself but the second is

MAXSA Innovation 10 hour solar floodlight review

This Maxa solar floodlight is one of the few lights that truly have excellent build quality and is highly recommended by buyers. This floodlight has 12 LED diodes that can light up a 10 x 10 feet (3 x 3 meter) area with bright light and the

Reusable Revolution 108 LED Ground Mount Floodlight

Manufacturer 108 LED Solar Powered Flood Light with Ground Mount is manufactured by Reusable Revolution LLC company. This company is known for making different kind of solar powered lights like road lights, spot lights, garden lights, post and deck lights, different portable solar products and solar flood

MicroSolar 28 LED Solar Outdoor Floodlight

Manufacturer This 28 LED Solar Outdoor Floodlight is manufactured by MicroSolar. MicroSolar is offering different solar flood lights, all with good design and quality, some of flood lights also have motion sensor. Their products start from smaller solar flood lights like this particular one, and reach up

TR Solar 1.5 W LED solar flood light review

Manufacturer: TR Energy is a Chinese company that focuses on oil and gas exploration but what we are interested in is the Solar Energy Group Co, and that is a sub division of TR Energy called TR Solar. This subdivision was created in 2006 and is focused

Tektrum 30 Diode flood light

Manufacturer Tektrum Development Corporation is a US based company that manufactures solar powered flight starting from garden appliances to flood lights and even signs and large scale solar panels. This company is in this marketplace from the early 1994 and since then has developed manufacturing building in

Jiawei Technology SPS2-P2-BK-1 solar floodlight

Manufacturer Four Seasons Courtyard flood light is manufactured by Jiawei Technology Ltd. This company is based in China and was made in 1993. Jiawei Technology manufactures different solar power and LED lighting products. This company is well known for making different solar led garden lights. Review Jiawei

156 LED SGG-F156-3 review

About Solar Goes Green This company is a fully equipped solar flood light manufacturer with about 10 different solar powered LED lights that range from pole to ground mounted lights and also include our flood lights. Solar goes green has retail partners around the US in about