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Solar Goes Green F108-2

Solar Goes Green F108-2 is a solar powered dusk till dawn floodlight that has 108 LED diodes and provides around 540 lumens form a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours with full charge. This is an all purpose light and can be considered one

Solar Goes Green SGG-F156-2R floodlight review

Solar Goes Green 156 LED diode floodlight is the top of the line light that will give you 780 lumen output for up to 10 hours from that 7 Ah Lithium Ion battery. This is a very powerful solar powered floodlight that is completely enclosed in Aluminum housing

156 LED SGG-F156-3 review

About Solar Goes Green This company is a fully equipped solar flood light manufacturer with about 10 different solar powered LED lights that range from pole to ground mounted lights and also include our flood lights. Solar goes green has retail partners around the US in about