User rating
  • 13+ hours of light on energy saving mode
  • Rigid wall mounts
  • Detachable solar panel
  • AA rechargeable batteries
  • No remote On / Off switch
  • Plastic casing
  • Only 90 day warranty
  • No motion sensor

Maxsa-solar-powered-10-hour-floodlight-front-viewThis Maxa solar floodlight is one of the few lights that truly have excellent build quality and is highly recommended by buyers. This floodlight has 12 LED diodes that can light up a 10 x 10 feet (3 x 3 meter) area with bright light and the surrounding area with dim light. This fixture ha a typical 3AA batteries for storing power and they can be easily changed if they get run out and don’t store any more electricity. These 3 batteries will provide a 5 hour work time in the maximal light output setting or up to 13 hours in the energy saving mode. 13 hours is an amazing work time and I haven’t seen any floodlight that is solar powered and could work for 13 hours.

The solar panel itself is detachable from the fixture and can be put about 9 feet (2.7 meters) away from the light. This allows you to put your solar panel on the roof or on other flat surfaces where it can get the best amount of light to fully recharge the batteries.

12 diodes are enough for some but other say that this light is too weak so you should imagine where you want to put this light and if the light requirements are high then probably this would not be enough, but if you need an all night partial light then this would be the best.

The light itself is made from plastic casing and has a metal mounting brackets that can be easily mounted to poles and flat surfaces. The mounting process takes less than 5 minutes and after the mount is fixed you can adjust your floodlight in the right direction. That plastic case may sound weak but in fact it is quite strong and can work through winter colds and autumn rainfalls.

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The solar pane on this MAXSA 10 hour floodlight is made from 20 solar cells that are housed in a plastic body but this also is very rigid and can sustain heavy rainfall directly hitting the panel.

The only thing that is not right with this light is that it has no remote on / off switch so you will have to mount that light at a distance that you can reach or get up and turn it off every time.

So this fixture is a real catch if you want a nice daylight bluish light that can illuminate an area of about 10 feet (4 meters) up to 13 hours. I can recommend this light for lighting flagpoles, art objects or gardens as well as using it where you can’t connect a regular floodlight to the power outlet!

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