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TOP All-In-One solar flood lights

All in one solar floodlights are fixtures that have all their components(LED diodes,solar panel,motion sensor, rechargeable battery, light meter) incorporated into one formfactor. Because of the fact that they have this compact design these “All In One” fixtures are small, easy to install, compact as well as

Top 10 Dusk Till Dawn solar Floodlights

Solar flood lights come in  a wide range of technologies and capabilities and that is because each floodlight type is designed for a different purpose. This time we will look at those solar floodlights that are made to work dusk till dawn or simply all night. Lights

TOP LED flood lights

LED flood lights are efficient and long lasting light source that produce light with a great CRI. Here you will find TOP 10 most popular LED flood lights.

Top 5 Solar LED Landscape lights

What are Landscape lights? Landscape light are light fixtures that illuminate your garden and house in the night to give you a semi-daytime feel and also light up the best parts of your house to show them off. Usually when you have worked hard to create the

Top Security Solar Flood Lights

Security solar flood lights are type of flood lights that uses motion sensor to detect motion in front of the light and then turn the light on. Security flood lights are also called motion sensor or motion detector solar flood lights. This is the most popular type