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TOP All-In-One solar flood lights

All in one solar floodlights are fixtures that have all their components(LED diodes,solar panel,motion sensor, rechargeable battery, light meter) incorporated into one formfactor. Because of the fact that they have this compact design these “All In One” fixtures are small, easy to install, compact as well as

LEDwholesalers 15 LED Solar security flood light

This 15 LED solar security flood light is one of the cheapest solar flood lights you will find. It is fully equipped flood light with 15 LED diodes, solar panel and a motion sensor. However, the cheap price sacrifices the overall quality of the light. Light Solar

Lights of America LED Security Light

Manufacturer Lights of America is lighting solution manufacturer with more than 30 year experience in the field. They have made some significant inventions in lighting field like electronic circuit ballasts and now owns few patents in lighting industry. LOA are manufacturing different lighting products, from fluorescent bulbs

All-Pro FSL2030LW

All-Pro FSL2030LW LED flood light is manufactured by Cooper Lighting. Cooper lighting is known for making quality LED flood lights for different applications. All-Pro is their outdoor security light series, which includes multiple LED flood lights for home usage. CLICK HERE to Check out Price and other

Heath/Zenith SL-7101-WH-A solar flood light

Heath/Zenith is well known flood light manufacturer that has made some good quality solar lights. This light – SL-7101-WH-A is one of their LED solar motion activated security flood light models. Security means that flood light uses motion sensor and starts to illuminate, when someone moves in

Solar Goes Green F108-2

Solar Goes Green F108-2 is a solar powered dusk till dawn floodlight that has 108 LED diodes and provides around 540 lumens form a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours with full charge. This is an all purpose light and can be considered one

Nature Power 23401 review

Nature Power 23401 is a motion activated solar security light that produces around 500 lumens from two bulkheads and will be able to detect motion from up to 40 feet (12 meters) away. This solar light has a separate solar panel and it runs on Lithium Ion

MicroSolar FL5-B 180 LED solar floodlight

MicroSolar FL5-B is one of the bet solar powered floodlights on the market as this light has the power output of 1000 lumens and it can work continuously for 8 to 12 hours but the solar panel is able to recharge the Lithium ion battery in a

Top 10 Dusk Till Dawn solar Floodlights

Solar flood lights come in  a wide range of technologies and capabilities and that is because each floodlight type is designed for a different purpose. This time we will look at those solar floodlights that are made to work dusk till dawn or simply all night. Lights

MicroSolar 128 LED floodlight review

This MicroSolar 128 LED floodlights is one of the floodlights that MicroSolar creates and it is a motion activated, LED powered floodlight that has 2000 mAh internal rechargeable battery, external solar panel and LUX as well as motion sensors. Design Microsolar floodlight is designed after the popular

Sunforce 82080 80LED solar flood light review

Sunforce 82080 is a solar security light that can give you about 900 lumens and has a rechargeable battery pact that consists of 5 AA batteries. Sunforce has designed this solar floodlight as the model to have if you need a floodlight that is solar powered and

Reusable revolutions 24 LED solar floodlight review

Reusable Revolutions 24 LED Dual Head adjustable solar powered floodlight is a light fixture that has two 12 LED bulb heads that can be adjusted to your likening but it also has 4000 mAh Lead Acid battery that will provide light for up to 10 hours. This fixture is not motion