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MicroSolar FL5-B 180 LED solar floodlight

MicroSolar FL5-B is one of the bet solar powered floodlights on the market as this light has the power output of 1000 lumens and it can work continuously for 8 to 12 hours but the solar panel is able to recharge the Lithium ion battery in a

MicroSolar 128 LED floodlight review

This MicroSolar 128 LED floodlights is one of the floodlights that MicroSolar creates and it is a motion activated, LED powered floodlight that has 2000 mAh internal rechargeable battery, external solar panel and LUX as well as motion sensors. Design Microsolar floodlight is designed after the popular

MicroSolar 256 LED solar floodlight

MicroSolar 256 LED diode solar floodlight is one of the brightest LED diode bulbs giving out about 1200 lumens but working completely from that solar panel and recharging those internal batteries during the daytime. The fixture itself has the dimensions of 15.4 x 15.2 x 8.4 (39cm

MicroSolar 42 LED solar floodlight review

MicroSolar 42 LED outdoor floodlight is a light fixture that has 180 lumen output and will work for up to 10 hours with that fully charger lithium ion battery. The light consists of two parts where the first one is the floodlight itself but the second is

MicroSolar 28 LED Solar Outdoor Floodlight

Manufacturer This 28 LED Solar Outdoor Floodlight is manufactured by MicroSolar. MicroSolar is offering different solar flood lights, all with good design and quality, some of flood lights also have motion sensor. Their products start from smaller solar flood lights like this particular one, and reach up

MicroSolar 64 diode solar flood light review

64 diode 3W MicroSolar solar powered flood light is a relative newcomer to the market but the specifications and that low price makes this one of the best flood lights. This outdoor flood light has a metallic frame but has also a plastic outer shell and that