User rating
  • 540 lumen output
  • 10-12 hour work time
  • Waterproof design
  • No motion sensor
  • High price

Solar Goes Green F108-2 is a solar powered dusk till dawn floodlight that has 108 LED diodes and provides around 540 lumens form a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours with full charge. This is an all purpose light and can be considered one of the best led solar flood lights because it has a die cast aluminum body and tempered glass cover as well as 10W polycrystalline solar panel.

SGG F108 2

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As I mentioned before this floodlight is manufactured from aluminum and has a tempered glass cover so it is watertight and also resilient against bumps and other damages. The light itself consists of two parts where the fist one is a combination of the LED diodes and battery but the other is just the solar panel. Together these parts make up the SGG-F108-2 solar landscape fixture that can be mounted on the ground as well as on any flagpole or rooftop with that convenient back mounting bracket.

Bulb head

SGG F108 2 power onThe bulbhead itself has the dimensions of 11 inches x 8.5 inches x 3.5 inches(28 cm x 21.5 cm x 8.8 cm) so it is not that big but it will still give off that 540 lumen light output and do it for at least 10 to 12 hours. This Solar Goes Green light has an illuminating area of around 30 feet x 30 feet (9 m x 9 m) and that is more than enough for a typical house backyard or to illuminate your shed or other remote areas. This floodlight has 108 LED diodes so each diode produces around 5 lumens and because of that the light has an all-aluminum back with a cooling element that disperses of the excess heat increasing this lights total efficiency. The bulkhead is held together with 6 high strength screws and that allows you to dismantle it if the battery needs to be changed or any other repairs are necessary. If we talk about the battery then this is a Lead Acid battery with the capacity of 7Ah so it is not your typical low output unit. This Lead power pack has 12 V output but the fact that it does not use Lithium technology is somewhat inconvenient as you will need to change it more often. The changing process is straight forward and it is described in great detail in the user’s manual!

This bulb-head also has a mounting bracket that extends backwards and can be attached to any flat surface as well as act as a stand if you intend to use this light like a landscape fixture.

The bulb head also has an On/Off switch that allows you to turn off the light completely of let it to work automatically as there is no input needed from you. The fixture will automatically recharge during the daytime and will shine in the nighttime as the ambient light level drops below a certain level and that solar panel will stop generating power. And another great feature to mention is that this light has an overcharge and over-discharge circuits that will not allow the solar panel to overpower the battery as well as will protect the battery from draining out too much power.

Solar Panel

The Solar floodlight also has a Poly Crystalline solar panel with the dimensions of 17.7 inches x 14.1 inches x 1 inches (45 cm x 35.8 cm x 2.5 cm). This solar panel can create up to 10 W and 18V of electricity in peak sunlight but what is great is that even if it is a cloudy day then more than 80% of the solar radiation gets through the clouds and the panel can still get that radiation. So even if it is rainy all day then the fixture should be at least partially recharged and will provide light for the first few hours of the night. This solar panel can be placed at 9 feet (2.7 m) distance from the light itself because the wire that connects those two parts together is that long. This means that you will be able to position the panel and light at the most convenient locations for optimums sunlight(for the panel) and for optimum illumination(for the bulb head).

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Overall this is a really great solar powered dusk till dawn floodlight that gives off reasonable amount of light and is made from high strength aluminum. This light will be a perfect addition to anyone that wants to illuminate their backyard or do some landscaping. The only downside is the price as it is quite high for a solar floodlight but looking at it from the other side – you will not need to pay for electricity or maintenance and this will be just a one off payment!