User rating
  • Very easy to install
  • Low price
  • Low brightness
  • Cheap plastic parts

This 15 LED solar security flood light is one of the cheapest solar flood lights you will find. It is fully equipped flood light with 15 LED diodes, solar panel and a motion sensor. However, the cheap price sacrifices the overall quality of the light.

EDwholesalers 15 LED Solar light


Solar flood light has go 15 LED diodes. The light unit itself is pretty small, 15 diodes is enough for this lamp. It is not the brightest flood light, but is capable to illuminate a small area around the light. This is good for illuminating front doors, path from garage to front door or garbage, or other smaller areas. It is not capable to illuminate large areas like more expensive solar flood lights can. If you need flood light for illuminating backyard, garden, pathway, parking lot or any other larger area, look at other, more expensive solar flood lights.

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This flood light looks and feels pretty cheap at first sight. However, all parts are working properly and look like they would hold together for a while. Manufacturer states that housing is UV protected, which means that it should last when used for longer time in hot sun. From the plus side, this light is very easy to mount, it comes with mounting screws and bracket, light can be mounted on wall or pole. 15 LED flood light casing is made from plastic, and solar panels shell is also made from cheap plastic. The light has got on/off switch, so you can manually turn it on or off when needed.

Solar panel and battery

Solar panel used on this light unit is 0.6W Polycrystalline panel. Solar panel comes with about 16 feet (5m) long cord, so you can place it in an area with direct sunlight. Battery in this unit is 800 mAh Ni-MH battery that you will find in most low end solar flood lights. Batteries are good enough to work for up to two years, and can be changed after they wear out.

Motion sensor

Solar flood light also has got a motion sensor, which turns light on when motion is detected in front of the flood light.

LEDwholesalers 15  solar flood light

Motion sensor has pretty small detection range of about 13-16 feet (4-5m). This is OK for such a small and cheap solar flood light as the main purpose of it is to work in close distances. The light will stay on for about 30 seconds, when motion is detected in front of the flood light.

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All things considered, 15 LED Solar security flood light is good enough for its main purpose, to illuminate small area in front of the light. It is packed with all goods that more expensive flood lights have, like solar panel and motion sensor and is easy to install. Of course, with the low price comes few deficiencies like quite poor build quality, some problems with water resistancy and low brightness level. This solar flood light will be useful for those, who need a basic solar flood light with motion sensor to illuminate a small area next to the front door, garage or driveway at night and do not want to pay 50 and more bucks for large, bright and expensive LED solar flood light.