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Maxsa Innovations 44640 solar flood light

Maxsa Innovations 44640 solar motion activated security light is a LED floodlight that will give you almost 900 lumen light output and will keep working for 120 times when lit with half a minute intervals. Maxsa has designed this solar floodlight to have a great and beautiful

MAXSA Innovations 40225 review

Manufacturer MAXSA Innovations is a company that makes solar powered flood lights since 2007 and they are very careful to design each light with the precision and thinking about its usage and usefulness to their customer. This company makes many different solar lights and their products are

MAXSA 40227 light review

Manufacturer MAXSA 40227 solar flood light is manufactured by MAXSA Innovations. The company is known for its innovative products starting from security lights for safety to spotlights and solar powered flood lights. Their products are well designed, dependable, easy to install and use. They also have customer

MAXSA Innovation 10 hour solar floodlight review

This Maxa solar floodlight is one of the few lights that truly have excellent build quality and is highly recommended by buyers. This floodlight has 12 LED diodes that can light up a 10 x 10 feet (3 x 3 meter) area with bright light and the

MAXSA Innovations 40223 Black 50 LED review

This MAXSA Innovations 40223 Black 50 LED solar flood light is a perfect candidate for household lighting as it provides very bright light and can last more than 3 hour for 1 minute intervals. This light is really good looking and despite being made from plastic it