User rating
  • Good overall quality and feel of the light
  • Durable and weather resistant casing
  • Really bright
  • Unsteady wall mounting kit (mounting plate, bolts)


Lights of America is lighting solution manufacturer with more than 30 year experience in the field. They have made some significant inventions in lighting field like electronic circuit ballasts and now owns few patents in lighting industry. LOA are manufacturing different lighting products, from fluorescent bulbs and lights to LED diodes and fixtures.

lights of america led security flood light


Lights of America LED security light is from LAO security flood light series. This flood lights is needs to be wired to junction box and does not have solar panel charging options or batteries. This LED flood light is really bright, so it can be used in many outdoor areas. It can illuminate a large area and can easily be used as backyard light, driveway light, sidewalk light or even parking lot light. Flood light produces 1200 lumens of light and has got 30 W wattage. As this security flood light uses LED diodes for illumination it consumes just 24 watts. LED diodes can illuminate up to 25000 hours before they need a replacement, so maintenance and electricity costs for this light is very low compared to other types of flood lights. LED diodes produces typical cool white daylight colors with 5000 kelvin temperature. The brightness of this flood light is probably the biggest advantage and can be useful for those, who need to illuminate larger areas than their front door. Light need to be placed further away, so persons near the light do not make direct eye contact, because of the brightness of the flood light. Light has got dusk till dawn sensor, which turns the light on when it gets darker and turns it off in the morning. This way light do not need to be turned on and off manually and it illuminates only when its dark outside.

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Lights of America LED security flood light is made for outdoor usage, so it needs to be durable and waterproof, and this flood light has both of these features. The flood light has got durable aluminum casing, which protects the fixture from different outdoor impacts. Casing feels really strong and has got good quality and looks. Flood lights with aluminum casing are common at this price range, but they usually don’t feel so durable and with quality made. The casing of this LED flood light is weather resistant so it can be used outdoor in all year around. The color of the flood light is white.


One important feature of this security LED flood light are adjustable heads. This allows to adjust the angle of the light, so it illuminates only the area that is needs to be illuminated. Heads can be adjusted manually, so no other tools like screwdrivers are needed. Adjustable heads for such bright LED flood light are needed, because light beams can disturb other persons around. For example, if you set the light in your background, it not only can illuminate your backyard, but also your neighbor’s backyard or house, which he might not like. So these adjustable heads allows to point the light in you desired direction, so it can illuminate your desired area and do not disturb other persons with its brightness.


The flood light comes with a wall mount that can be mounted to recessed junction box. We did not like the mounting hardware, as it did not feel very durable, and did not built trust that it can hold the light in higher winds. Also mounting screws looked a bit too small for the lighting fixture. However, these are just minor disadvantages that some people will probably not notice or can easily live with, and if you want, you can easily strengthen the mounting plates and buy stronger screws to better fix the flood light.


The dimensions of the light are 13x7x5 inches (33x18x13 cm). Voltage of the light is 120 volts. Manufacturer states that the light fixture is assembled in the USA.

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Lights of America LED security flood light is well made outdoor light that produces high level of brightness and illuminates large area around the light. Flood light is useful for those, who need a brighter flood light for their outdoor property, for example, to illuminate backyard or parking lot at night, or for security purposes around the house.