We are a company of writers that are dedicated to provide the best information about solar powered flood light to our customers. Led Lights is our passion and we know that renewable energy in the future so we started to explore this alternative energy source and we found that not only they give powerful light but also work completely free. After that initial finding we started to explore different solar lights and wanted to find the best one but we soon figured out that there are many categories and manufacturers and that is not as easy as it would look like.
After weeks of research we had a complete list of the best and not so good light that helped to pick the ones that was the most useful for out specific environment. But wen they arrived and they worked great we realized that this list and all the information we had acquired could potentially be useful to other so we started this website.
Here at the LEDSolarFloodLight.com we will be reviewing different kind of solar flood light as well as giving related articles about the industry in general that could help you to understand more about there magnificent lights.

We hope you enjoy our content and find what you were looking for!