User rating
  • Bright
  • Easy to install
  • Good looks
  • Poor battery life
  • Smaller range as stated
  • Not useful for rainy areas

Heath/Zenith is well known flood light manufacturer that has made some good quality solar lights. This light – SL-7101-WH-A is one of their LED solar motion activated security flood light models. Security means that flood light uses motion sensor and starts to illuminate, when someone moves in front of the light. Solar flood light is packed with many features, but how quality they are and how they work together, lets find out.

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heath-zenith SL-7101-WH-A


Heath/Zenith SL-7101-WH-A flood lights biggest advantage is the brightness. The device itself is quite small, but outputs decent brightness of light. The light output of this flood light is 330 lumens. Solar flood light has got 3 LED diodes. As you may already know, LED diodes has some significant advantages over other type of bulbs like halogen or incandescent, and 300 lumen of LED diodes will be enough for home front door light, backyard light, shed light or other.  Light has got selectable light timer, so you can control time, how long the light need to illuminate after motion is detected and light is turned on. Timer settings include off, test, 1 minute, 5 minutes. All in all, we found that this Heath/Zenith flood light provides decent level of brightness, and this flood light can be used as a security light at night or to illuminate dark areas around the house.


The design of the flood light is quite attractive, it looks like good quality flood light and also feels like one too. SL-7101-WH-A is made from plastic, which is the first disadvantage at this price range. Color of the light is white. If the light would be made from aluminum it would bring a lot more quality and reliability to this flood light. Light fixture has got flashing LED light in the front notifying of daylight. Lights dimensions are 6.2x8x12 inches (15.7×20.3×30.4 cm). Together with the flood light you will get a 15 feet cord that attaches solar panel to the light, so you can put the solar panel in a place, where direct sunlight can reach it and charge flood lights battery. We found that this flood light does not have the best water resistance, so if you want to use it in an area, where it rains a lot and for long periods, we would suggest to look at other solar lights.


Battery used in this flood light is regular 6 volt battery. The battery is rechargeable and is charged by the solar panel. Battery is also sealed and protected from outer impacts. The capacity of battery is not very large, but sufficient enough for regular every night usage, because of the motion sensor.

CLICK HERE to check price and other reviews of Heath/Zenith SL-7101 flood light

Motion sensor

Motion sensor used in this solar flood light has got some useful features. It detects movement up to 70 feet, but we found that this works only if you set the light in an appropriate position, which probably will not correspond to your needs. Detection sensitivity is also adjustable and motion gets detected in 180 degrees, similar to other motion activated flood lights.

Manufacturer Heath/Zenith gives SL-7101-WH-A solar flood light 3 year manufacturer warranty.


This solar flood lights is best suited for those, who want decent looking solar lighting for their front door or backyard, which is capable to fully illuminate an area at night and works with a motion sensor. However, if flood lights needs to provide light for longer period at night, or you live in a very vet area, where it rains a lot, I would suggest to better look at different solar flood lights.