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LED Wholesalers 3710 150W light review

LED Wholesalers 3710 flood light is this company’s most powerful floodlight option and with 150W power output this may be the most powerful LED floodlights on the market today. This light has the dimensions of 19.7 x 18.2 x 14.3 (50 cm x 46.2 cm x 36.3

LOFTEK® 10 Watts portable

10 Watt LOFTEK LED powered portable floodlight is a new kind of light that is battery powered, super portable and replaces a 100W halogen light with the energy efficiency of those LED diodes. This light comes in two different colors (Yellow, Grey) and has a somewhat stylish

TSSS 100 Watt LED Floodlight

TSSS 100W flood light is one of the most powerful LED floodlights available on the market but despite that it is quite cheap if you compare the same wattage lights from other manufacturers. Basically this is a wall or pole mounted floodlight that utilizes the LED diode