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Solar Panel Basics

How they work? All photovoltaic solar cells work by using two semiconductors – one positive and one negative and placing them around a neutral material that allows the flow of electrons to go through that material only in one direction. Solar cells are mainly made from silicon

How to extend solar flood light battery lifespan?

Solar powered flood lights are powered entirely on battery chemical energy that was created during the day from those solar panels. But as we all know batteries won't last forever so they will eventually die and you will need to replace them.

Flood light Types

In 2013 if you want to buy a flood light you have so many options with different sizes, wattages, bulb types and even different power supplies. This huge amount of different lights can overwhelm almost anyone who wants to purchase a light so I will give you

What are LED Solar Flood Lights?

What are floodlights Floodlights are specific type of lightning that are designed to provide high amount of artificial light to a large area. Generally speaking, if you have a large area like sports field, stadium, stages for concerts, parking lot or smaller one like backyard, garden, swimming

Solar Flood Light Usage

Why use solar flood lights? LED flood lights use less power than any other flood light so they are the perfect candidates for solar powered light fixture. Usually the best Solar powered LED flood lights gives off as much light as the halogen equivalent but they do