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LedWholesalers logoLedwholesalers is a California based company located in Hayward that specializes in LED light manufacturing and selling. This company is like a LED light retailer but they connect with manufacturing utilities directly and work together with them in order to make the best products possible but what is even more useful for their customers is the fact that they buy these lights in bulk packages that lowers their price and they are able to sell these light cheaper than anyone else. If we talk especially about LED floodlights then this company is no stranger to them and they have at least 10 different models available starting from small 10 watt ones to 50W ,70W and even 100W monsters that can illuminate a really wide area. They have different models ranging from security floodlights with motion sensors to cheaper regular models that light up when you flip the electricity switch. Their lights have great efficiency, they are cheap and have great build quality that is rated for outdoor environments.

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Lithonia LightingLithonia Lighting is a company that has been around for more than 60 years and has been working hard to ensure their customer satisfaction with premium products and excellent customer service. This company is part of the Acuity Brands Company that is a world known brand that has yearly revenues almost two billion dollars and an operating income of almost 200 million dollars. Lithonia Lighting together with other Acuity Brand companies employs more than 6000 workers and it mainly specializes in lighting applications and product manufacturing. This manufacturers main office is located in Conyers, Georgia but they also have manufacturing facilities elsewhere.  If we talk about their LED flood light side of their business we can see that they also have many different lights and models that range from outdoor security lights to large scale industrial lighting applications. This company makes LED diode powered lights but their main business is still in the incandescent and halogen flood lights so they have not yet fully realized this technologies immense potential and power. But the products that they have in this niche are amazing with great build quality, excellent light quality and are very efficient. And that is why I think they will soon enough realize that LED lights are the future and start working on changing all their major light lines to this technology.

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LoftekLOFTEK is a technology manufacturer establisher in 2006 that creates products ranging from web cameras, flashlights, surveillance cameras and also portable and stationary LED floodlights.This company has a corporate mantra of user focused design and they strive to create the best products possible. The team behind LOFTEK has numerous years of experience with other technology companies but working with others they realized that they can design and implement their own technology better than anyone else and that has been true to this day as LOFTEK is a fast growing company with multiple product lines and they have steady revenue growth each operating year. If we talk more about their LED flood light line then I must say they have a very different approach to the market than any other LED light manufacturer as they make only light that have multiple color options and can be regulated to illuminate an area in many different color schemes. Their products range from 10W to 50W lights and they recently started to manufacture and sell a portable version of their 10W floodlights with built in battery that can also act as a charging station for mobile phones. Everything that LOFTEK makes has great quality and they strive to design only the best products that will be useful and convenient for their customers.

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fulcrum products logoFulcrum Products Incorporated is a US based electronics manufacturer located in Portland that specializes in LED flood light production and designing various products from this technology. This company believes that LED bulbs are the future of lighting and that can be seen in their products that range from book lights to kitchen counter lights and even outdoor floodlights. Their technology is solid and they incorporate their flood light style diodes in every product they make thinking about the design usability and of course the build quality. Their Floodlight line of lights is extensive but they call all their lights floodlights because their diodes disperse light in all directions not just under the diode itself, but looking at their light like we understand the term – that produce powerful light and light up a larger area they have very few of those. But the ones that they do have usually have beautiful design, motion sensors and will fit in nicely in any environment. I hope that “Fulcrum” realizes this potential for these large scale flood lights and starts making them in the future as they already have everything needed for that starting from manufacturing lines that make other products and the technology is also incorporated in their products.

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EE Systems Group Inc

ee_systems_group_inc logoEE Systems Group Inc is a US based company located in California with outside US offices and manufacturing facilities in Canada and China. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of various products ranging from street lights to different sensors, voice activated alarms, industrial application alarms and they also make green oriented LED flood lights for consumers. This company is a worldwide brand and sends their products across all the continents with great success. They have been recently moving into emerging and developing markets so their growth potential is huge and because their products are great I have no doubt that they will be one of the big tech-companies in the future. Their flood light line called eLEDing is a pure digital product line with alternative energy solutions in mind and all their lights are Solar powered so you don’t need to pay for electricity anymore. At the moment they have 4 different LED light models but they have their design and technical team working on many more products including one that will soon enough hit the marketplace. With each iteration of their lights they create more powerful and better products and at first they had only a light with 500 lumen output but now they also make 1900 lumen output solar powered lights and they will not stop there!

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Maxsa Innovations

Maxsa innovations logoMaxsa Innovations is a design and manufacturing company that specialize in safety , comfort and convenient technologies that increase your enjoyment of life. This company was founded in 2007 and is since then experienced rapid growth increasing their overall manufacturing and business reach every year. They make products that have great design but have built to also create great functionality to you and your family! This company makes anything from safety vests, flashlights, power adapters and also solar powered flood lights. From the name itself you can interpret that this company is really passionate about innovations and new design items and when you look at their product line you can see this mantra but you can also see that this company is dedicated to creating the best and most convenient, durable products for all their customers. If we look at their solar powered flood light line then they make at least 14 different design lights that range from smaller two LED diode floodlights to high strength 150 LED light that can illuminate a wide range of objects. This company has great products but their customer service is even better and if anything unfortunate should happen to you MAXSA product they will immediately change or replace it!

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SunForce logoSunforce products incorporated is a green product manufacturer that was created in 2003 and since then from their offices in Montreal, Canada has created an international business and brand that sells do-it-yourself solar and wind power kits as well as lights and standalone solar powered cameras, solar powered utility pumps and even smaller cables and adapters. This company has at least 4 offices across the world and it is still a privately owned business that creates these green energy solutions. If we talk more about their floodlights then we can see that they do not make a lot of products in this sector but the ones they do make have great quality, design and they work as they are intended to. Because Sunforce Products is an international organisation they need to make lights for various different markets so they design their products with this in mind and create durable high strength flood lights that are usually solar powered because the company’s main product line is in solar power and they try to incorporate solar cells in almost any niche that you can think of.

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Designers Edge

designers edge logoDesigners Edge is an international company that specialize in lighting application manufacturing and have been doing this since the early 1897. If you look at their product line you will see an amazing array or lights that include all types, shapes and forms and they also utilize various different light technologies starting from incandescent, halogen to fluorescent and LED diodes. This company creates all their products in house and is one of the leading light solution manufacturers not just in the US but in the world. If we talk about their floodlight line of lights then they make a multitude of different products ranging from regular LED wall mounted floodlights to solar powered lights that have motion detectors and light meters and can run on battery power all night long. Their products are well built, they have great design and are sold in many online and offline retailers across the world. Customers know this company by their great light design and build quality as their systems rarely fail and because they utilize LED technology you can run their light for year and years to come.

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lamplust logoLamLust or also known as is an US based Light manufacturing company that also specializes in online retail and custom light applications and orders. This company was founded in 2002 by two creative entrepreneurs and artists and their goal is to provide their customers with the best and most innovative lighting solutions that range from garden lights to artificial candle lights and yes they also sell LED floodlights. Their floodlight line of light is not that huge but the lights that they have they have managed to create amazing in all their aspects starting from the design to build quality and even the light output color and spectrum. This is not a particularly big company and has fewer than 10 employees but they have managed to create a huge online shop that apart from supplying their own lights also sell other manufacturer products. Their floodlight line of lights is mainly solar powered but when this company really started to take off in 2007 they promised to their customers that they will create a lot of new products and that is a hope that they will listen to us and create more light in the LED floodlight niche as we need more strong players here to drive the prices down and increase the quality even more!

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Micro solar is a small company that mainly focuses on solar powered light applications but they do it not just because there is a market for it but because the environment is changing around us and this company wants to be a part of this new movement that is energy conscious and sees that alternative energy is the future. Because of this MicroSolar has created a line on solar powered lighting solutions ranging from WiFi compatible bulbs to spotlights, shed lights and even Floodlights and all their products are made from LED technology and are long lasting and efficient. Their Floodlight line includes only a couple of lights but that doesn’t mean they are not good. And the truth is quite opposite as their floodlights are well built, have great weather and water resistance and can work for hours only on battery power. Their lights are made with the consumer in mind and have different settings that allows you to adjust them to your liking. This company creates great products and I hope they will extend their floodlight line so we can enjoy the same quality and trust in much bigger and brighter lights.

MicroSolar flood light reviews MicroSolar products on Amazon

Concept Enterprises

concept solar logoConcept Enterprises is a leading electronics manufacturer located in South California, US and this company creates various different lines of products mainly concentrated in video and light sectors. This company that was founded in 1975 has more than 50 employees and is privately held but that also means that it is closely monitored and all their product get properly tested before hitting the market. If we look at their current main business that is energy efficient lighting creatin we can see that they make various different products including ballard lights and garden lights but their main sellers are solar powered flood lights. At the moment they have only two models in the floodlight niche but they are always innovating and creating new products for their customers so we can wait for a lot more from this company. But in the meantime their two lights are one of the best sellers in the niche and they have great quality and light output but they are not the most powerful ones so you will need a couple of them to light up your whole backyard.

Concept solar light reviews Concept solar lights on Amazon

Cooper Lighting

Cooper lighting logoCooper Lighting is a subdivision of Cooper Industries that is one of the S&P 500 lists company with yearly revenues exceeding 5 billion and operating income measured in couple hundred million US dollars. This huge organisation has 7 distinct divisions and Cooper lighting is just one of them. This Lighting division ia an US based division that specializes in various different lighting applications and has more than 20 manufacturing facilities distributed across US and other countries. Cooper Lighting can be further divided in about 20 distinct brands and they are the leading innovators in each field weather it being the HID, fluorescent of LED lights. Cooper Lighting organisation also manufactures and distributes LED flood lights as a massive organisation should. Their Floodlight line is one of the best in the market as you can imagine from the companies total reach and power. They make tremendous innovations in efficiency,  manufacturing and design and their products are well known all over the world.

Cooper lighting reviews Cooper Lighting products on Amazon


heat zenith logoHealthCo or Heat/Zenith is a privately held company that specializes in various different lighting technologies starting from floodlights to motion lights and a lot more. This company is a part of The Duchossois Group that is a 2 billion valued family owned company that creates subdivisions in various different field from technology to consumer products and has its roots in 1916 and overall they employ more than 5000 people in their worldwide manufacturing facilities mainly concentrated in Europe, Asia and North America. In the floodlight niche this company is the leading force with technologies that allow floodlights to cover 270 degree angles and for LED lights that is a lot because these bulbs usually have straight light output. Their floodlights range from smaller few diode lights to larger more powerful floodlights for your garden or shed. Their floodlights have one of the best efficiency and light output and they make motion lights that also have light sensors for ambient light level detection. Customers have only good thing to say for their light because they can provide one of the best retail prices as a huge company and because they design and manufacture their lights from scratch they are usually better than similar floodlights from concurrents.

HeathCo flood light reviews HeathCo flood lights on Amazon

Jiawei Technology

Jaiwei technology logoJiawei Technology Ltd and Jiawei Technology USA is one of the leading photovoltaic product manufacturers in China and in the world and since the creation in 1993. has been innovating and creating market leading product that use solar power as their main energy source. This company was created in China by some of the leading photovoltaic experts to realize the potential of this technology and since the early days they have been rigorously designing , manufacturing and testing their products to supply only the best to their customers all over the world. This companies US branch is located in Hayward California and they ship their products all over the US and the world with great customer feedback. In the light industry this company makes various solar powered light starting from pole lights to ground moutet stick light as well as spot and flood lights. Their products have great energy efficiency and run completely on solar power but because they only make small sized light their light output can not be compared to the largest players in the field. So if you need small solar flood lights this company is the one to choose but if you need larger more powerful lights then obviously their products won’t cut it. I hope they soon realize that there is a huge market in powerful LED floodlights that could and are replacing regular incandescent and halogen lights.

Jiawei Technology light reviews Jiawei products on Amazon

Reusable Revolutions

reusable revolutions logoReusable Revolutions is a US based company that has its main office in Las Vegas, Nevada and this is the leading company in solar powered lighting options supplying light to individual consumers as well as the US government to equip their landing strips and houses with solar panels and solar powered lights. Because of their deep love for the environment and for the solar powered light industry this manufacturer only makes lights that are solar powered but because of that they have perfected their technology and now leads the market with many different product iterations that each is better than the previous one. In the Floodlight niche they make lights that are small (with 20 or less diodes) and powerful (100 or more diodes) and that allows them to cover this market from one side to the other. Their stronger floodlights have the most customer reviews on the Amazon floodlight category and because of the build quality and cheap prices they are fast becoming one of the biggest solar powered light provides in the US. This company is deeply passionate about their customers and that is why they strive to create the cheapest possible lights but they make sure that the price does not influence the quality and functionality of their products.

Reusable Revolution light reviews RR flood lights on Amazon


Smart solar logoSmartSolar is an international company that has divisions in United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany and they have been in business of solar light manufacturing for more than 11 years. This company is very environmentally conscious and they create only lighting technology that is efficient and good for the environment and that is why they’re main product line is solar power lights. This company makes a lot of different product from decor lights to garden lights and also some utility light that can be considered LED solar flood lights. Their overall light variety is huge and it is a shame that they only have two solar lights that can be considered floodlights. But apart from that these two lights are great in all their aspects and because they are wall or ceiling mounted they don’t need motion sensors or other fancy technology so they are more resilient and simpler in their design and form. Overall I would much rather like this company to specialize in more powerful floodlights than their design garden objects with lights in them but we can only hope they see this market soon enough.

SmartSolar light reviews SmartSolar flood lights on Amazon


LENBO is a US based company that resides in Seminole, Florida and it is a company that create LED powered light options. This company create everything from LED bulbs to LED garden lights and also Powerful LED flood lights that can replace those old HID lights in their power, efficiency and lifespan. This company specializes only in LED technology and they make lights that are 10W to 100W strong and do it with great manufacturing breakthroughs that allow to combine That much LED diodes and still get them cool enough to work for those rated 50000 hours. Overall this company has amazing product line and you can get almost anything you need from them except solar powered lights, but I think that they do not go into this market because their current product lines are profitable enough and can supply great cash flow as this LED flood light industry is just starting to take off and will be huge in a couple of years.

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brainytrade logoBrainyTrade is an online retailer that specializes in various different accessories, electronic and also home&gadren security applications that also include LED floodlights. This is a huge online store but they do not make their lights themselves but they just buy them directly from manufacturers in large quantities that allow them to lower the prices. This company specializes in online retailing, they have great customer service but hey also search for the best products and that is why their lights have great customer ratings. They sell various different LED floodlight models starting from 10 W wall mounted fixtures to 50W ground mounted light and they all are outdoor lights that have great weather, heat and water resistance. They sell also a bunch of unconventional lights like different color models, demountable and also some smaller spotlight lights. Their products have reasonable quality but they are not the best company on the market because they do not make those lights and cannot fully be fully integrated in the design and manufacturing processes of their top manufacturers.

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FrostFire logoFrostFire is a company that was created in 1998 and is an innovating company that specializes in a wide range of products starting from security products to lifestyle products and also unique lights. FrostFire is a company that design patents and manufactures very distinct products that can be very distinctly seen as different products and not just some mass market consumer products that the big corporations make. Their design team has created various different technical and non technical applications for various technologies and the latest endeavor is the LED light technology that they try to incorporate in many different products starting from flashlights to garden and floodlights. Because this is not a very huge company and they do not make super mass market products they don’t have many different floodlight model but the one light that they have designed is brilliant. It looks great, is solar powered and creates very great flooded light from that energy efficient diode inside the light fixture itself. I hope this company makes more lights like these because consumers always love products that have great design but reasonable prices.

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