User rating
  • Very Bright
  • Good built quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Ground Mount
  • Not so good installation instruction
  • No motion sensor
  • Little bit pricier than other floodlights


108 LED Solar Powered Flood Light with Ground Mount is manufactured by Reusable Revolution LLC company. This company is known for making different kind of solar powered lights like road lights, spot lights, garden lights, post and deck lights, different portable solar products and solar flood lights. They also support many of the US Armed forces bases with different products from their solar lighting set, and that, of course, points to the quality of Reusable Revolution LLC. The company is focused on manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly, saves you money and are energy independent. Their solar flood lights might not be the cheapest around, but they surely can grant you a great durability and quality with their products.

Reusable Revolution 108 LEDDescription

This solar powered LED flood light is different from others, because it is not wall mounted as many other flood lights are, but it has got a ground mount and can be set up directly on ground and used as a landscape flood light. The ground mount on the flood light has got a good built quality and light can be steadily placed in the ground and can resist windy weather conditions with no problems. Reusable Revolution ground mount flood light has got 108 bright white LED diodes and is a 5 watt light. It also outputs a decent amount of brightness – 605 lumens. With such a bright solar flood light you can illuminate a large area on your backyard, driveway, garden or any other place. For sun energy collection this led floodlight uses 18V 10W mono-crystalline detachable solar panel. Solar panel charges 12V/7Ah Lead  Acid rechargeable battery. For energy efficiency light is charged through day with sunlight and automatically comes on at dusk to illuminate your desired area at night. It can illuminate an area of 16.5 to 20.4 feet. This solar floodlight also has got voltage detection circuit that will use less energy and light will be less bright, when the light is starting to get low on battery. This way, the light will be able to illuminate for longer period of time. 108 LED solar powered flood light comes with 120 inch long cable to attach solar panel to flood light. Cable length is quite long so you can put your solar panel in place, where direct sunlight can charge it. Flood light is also weatherproof and can survive more difficult weather conditions, also dc plug is waterproof. The manufacturer grants 90 day warranty, which is more than several other solar flood light manufacturers are giving, and is enough for you to test your flood light and see, whether it has got any issues or faults and needs to be fixed or changed for a new flood light.

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Reusable Revolution 108 LED ground mount solar flood light is a good choice for anyone, who needs a high quality solar flood light for their home, backyard, garden, driveway or maybe front door lighting. The light also has got a ground mount and can be perfectly used as a landscape light for illumination and also as a decoration light for you garden or other places you need to lighten up at night. Because of the great brightness and decent build quality, this solar flood light can be the best purchase when needing a ground mounted solar powered flood light.

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