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  • Tempered glass lense
  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • Easy installation
  • Lead acid battery
  • No motion detector

156 LED SGG-F156-3About Solar Goes Green

This company is a fully equipped solar flood light manufacturer with about 10 different solar powered LED lights that range from pole to ground mounted lights and also include our flood lights. Solar goes green has retail partners around the US in about 10 different locations and you can always order their products from Amazon or other online retailers. Solar Goes Green offer great quality products with great warranty and great descriptions!

SGG-F156-3 review

This solar flood light model is one of those high end models with much more battery capacity and light output than other Landscape mounted solar powered flood lights. Because of these extra features the price is also increased but considering the build quality and performance it is well worth it!

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This specific Solar Goes Green floodlight is made from aluminum in a process that is usually done only on high end cars and airplanes –  aluminum die casting. Basically this means your floodlights outer aluminum casing is made from one solid metal plate and that means it is much stronger than any other flood light made from plastic or from aluminum with regular molding methods. Moving on from the outer casing you get a strong front glass lense that is made with the same technology you would make a car window and that means if it is damaged you won’t get any small glass fragment all around your garden! The exact method that is used in this front light dispenser glass making is the toughening of the glass and the product itself is called tempered glass. Basically this is a safety glass and you will have trouble breaking it but if you do as I mentioned earlier there won’t be any glass shards on the ground. The lamp fixture itself measures 7 inches by 6 inches by 5.5 inches (17.8 cm x 15.2 cm x 14 cm) so it is not that big but because of those 156 LED diodes it produces really powerful light. Basically those LED diodes produce about 200W of power or about 780 lumens and that is enough to light up your garden, shed or other area that is around the 30×50 feet or 9×15 meters wide. Of course the light will shine in a much wider circle around the light but after this distance it will be too dim to see smaller objects and things. One thing I also need to mentions when talking about the light bulb part of the fixture is the light that it makes and it is a perfect white light that will allow you to see objects in their real colors not like those HID lights!

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Moving on from the light source to the battery part of this light you basically get a 7Ah 12 volt rechargeable battery that stores all the electricity to power your floodlight through the night. This much energy can power your light basically all night and the rated full discharge cycle is around 10 to 12 hours. This Lead acid battery is sealed in a waterproof container and it also has a overcharge and discharge protection gear installed to not damage the light itself if anything happens to it. This battery can be mounted below the floodlight fixture itself or in a distance of 9 feet (2.7 meters) from the light itself and another 9 feet (2.7 meters) from the solar panel.

This remote solar panel has the dimensions of 17.7 inches by 14.1 inches by 1 inch (44.9 cm x 35.8 cm x 2.5 cm). It may sound a lot but keep in mind that this solar panel is capable of fully recharging that 7Ah battery every single day for you to get that 10 to 12 hour work time out of this complete light fixture. This solar panel is made from a Polycrystalline material and that just means it is composed of small crystals that create electricity from light energy. This solar panel can create up to 18 Volts and 20 Watts of power so it can recharge that Lead acid battery fairly quickly but that is only possible in full sunlight!

Overall this High end SGG-F156-3 flood light is made to reliable and to create a powerful light and that 3 year warranty on LED diodes and 1 year warranty on that battery says that this manufacturer is prepared to defend this lights usability and is ready to send you another one if the first one fails. And because that would be costly for the company they strive to create high quality products! I advise anyone who wants a really powerful flood light that can work all night to check out this light at Amazone!