User rating
  • 4000 mAh
  • 360 degree adjustment range
  • Dual bulbs
  • Low light output
  • Made from plastic

Reusable Revolutions 24 LED Dual Head adjustable solar powered floodlight is a light fixture that has two 12 LED bulb heads that can be adjusted to your likening but it also has 4000 mAh Lead Acid battery that will provide light for up to 10 hours. This fixture is not motion activated but it will work for the whole nigh on one charge from that external solar panel. The fixture itself and also the solar panel can be ground-mounted or also wall mounted so you will be able to place them where they are most needed.

Dual head bulb head

Reusable revolutions 24 LED solar floodlightThis dual head floodlight is made entirely from plastic and it has two adjustable heads that will light up your whole backyard or also can lit your house entrance or any other place. At the back there is a plastic ground spike that can be mounded on this fixture so you can position this light on the ground to lit up signs or your garden objects. But if you need you can also attach it to any surface as there are two screw holes at the middle of this fixture. And a good thing is that Reusable Revolutions also have included in the purchase two wall anchors and screws that will enable you to easily mount this fixture on any wall.

In the middle those two bulb heads are mounted on that Lead Acid 4 Ah battery that has some weight to it and it is enclosed in a plastic casing so there should be no problems with weather or other environmental factors. This battery uses Lead Acid technology so it is not that powerful or long lasting as those Lithium Ion batteries but it still provides up to 6 Volts of power to those dual bulb heads and will last at least two years with constant charge and recharge cycles.

Talking about those two heads in each one of them there are 12 LED diodes thaw will illuminate a wide area with very bright light. These separate fixtures can be adjusted with dual hinges so they have virtually 360 degree adjustment range. Both those heads are enclosed in a plastic casing and has a plastic protective glass that will disperse the light from those 12 LED diodes to provide a real Floodlight feeling.

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Solar panel

This is a Monocrystaline solar panel that has a max rated output of 9 Volts and 3 Watts so it will be able to give enough juice to your fixture to recharge that 4 Ah battery every single day. This solar panel is enclosed in an aluminum housing and is just one cell so it is quite efficient as there are no seals or other parts that could ruin the efficiency. This solar panel can also be fitted on a plastic leg to put it on the ground level or it can also be fitted to any rooftop or wall with that mounting bracket. This solar panel has the dimensions of 4,5 inches x 3,2 inches (11,4 cm x 8,1 cm) so it is fairly small and you will be able to mount it anywhere you like.

Both the solar panel and that bulkhead/battery compartment are linked together with a waterproof cable so you can fit that panel anywhere you like. Manufacturer gives a 90 day warranty on this fixture and the price is also acceptable so all in all I think this is a great solar floodlight. If you have to light up your backyard or some garden peaces or signs then this will be the perfect fixture for you to have.

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