User rating
  • 17 feet power chord
  • 30 LED diodes
  • Up to 10 hour work time
  • waterproof
  • 30-40 W power output
  • Built in light meter
  • No motion sensor
  • Only wall mount option


Tektrum Development Corporation is a US based company that manufactures solar powered flight starting from garden appliances to flood lights and even signs and large scale solar panels. This company is in this marketplace from the early 1994 and since then has developed manufacturing building in multiple cities in China and a development facility in California. In this development site top engineers that Tkretum has lured from the top technology manufacturers build and develop new technologies to make your life better!

Tektrum 30 W

Light review

This 30 diode solar powered light is one of Tektrum flood light line lights and it is made for applications where there is no chance of supplying power to a light or the light owner just wants to get some free light from the SUN’s energy. This 30 to 40 W solar flood light is capable of producing quite strong light and because of those LED diodes this light can shine for up to 10 hours in perfect conditions when that rechargable battery is full!

This light fixture consists of two parts that are connected with water-proof wire and connectors and they are the Solar panel and the light itself. That solar panel has the dimensions of 7.5 inches X 6 inches X 10 inches (19.05 cm x 15.24 cm x 25.4cm) and that means this solar panel has a total surface of 45 square inches or  290 square centimeters and it is a fairly large one but, because, of that it is able to recharge that powerful battery that can run those 30 LED diodes for 10 hours. Tektrum 30 Diode light solar panel is different from other manufacturer panels because it is also ground mounted and sits on two ground spikes that have hinges on top of them so you can later adjust that panel to the movement of the sum because sun has different paths through the sky depending on the season.

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Tektrum 30 filght fixtureThe light fixture itself is not a particularly different from other flood lights apart from that is has a ground mounted spike that you can push down and secure your light! This light fixture has a black plastic body but it is waterproof so you dont have to worry about rainfalls ruining your light and that specific box shape with round inside edges will reflect almost all direct light out of that fixture and it will illuminate all that is in front of the light! As you saw in the advantages column this light fixture also has a light meter that detects when the ambient outside light level drops and only then triggers your light to not waste precious electricity while it is not needed. Both solar panel and the light fixture itself are made from black plastic but that is a strong and resilient plastic that feels durable and strong!

Overall this is an ideal light to use in your backyard to illuminate art or flowers as well as on different landscape lighting options and parking lots or house lighting. And because this light uses only solar energy you won’t need to waste any money running it and an occasional solar panel cleaning and battery change every few years will not be an issue.

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