User rating
  • Great build quality
  • Very powerful light output
  • 2.5 hour work time
  • Quite expensive

MicroSolar 256 LED diode solar floodlight is one of the brightest LED diode bulbs giving out about 1200 lumens but working completely from that solar panel and recharging those internal batteries during the daytime. The fixture itself has the dimensions of 15.4 x 15.2 x 8.4 (39cm x 39 cm x 21 cm) so it is not the smallest light bulb but considering that it is entirely solar powered, has an internal battery and an external motion sensor this is acceptable. The light itself consists of three separate parts where there is the bulb head, motion sensor and that solar panel.

Bulb Head

MicroSolar 256 LED solar floodlight bulb head backThe bulb head is the main component of this grow light combo and it consists of 256 different LED diodes that are enclosed in an all aluminum body that is strong, lightweight and has a radiator at the back that will get rid of the excess heat and will increase those LED bulb lifespan. The whole bulb head is mounted on one hinge that have three screw holes that can be attached anywhere you like and will create an amazingly easy to mount light. That mounting leg and the bulb head fixture are mounted together with resilient hinges that allow you to maneuver the light up or down after the initial installation process. But the main part of this fixture of course are those LED diodes themselves and as I mentioned earlier there are 256 diodes that consume about 12 Watts of electricity and that means every single diode uses no more than 0.04 Watts so they are very efficient and in fact together they create around 1200 lumens and that means every single diode produces about 4.6 lumens. This lumen output is phenomenal from a LED diode floodlight and in fact this fixture has the efficiency of about 100 lumens per watt and that is a really great number for a LED floodlight especially if it is solar powered. This bulb head is also covered with glare proof glass so the light dispersion from those 256 diodes will be pure and you will get a concentrated floodlight!MicroSolar 256 LED solar floodlight switch

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Then in the bulb head there is also a built in Lithium ion battery that has the capacity of 2000 mAh and it can produce up to 10 Volts so it is a fairly strong energy source that will enable this light to power up more than 150 times with a full charge where every single lighting it can give you 60 seconds of light. Together that means you can get 2.5 hours of continuous lighting from this battery and with 1200 lumen output that is an amazing number.

Motion sensor

MicroSolar 256 LED solar floodlight motion sensorThis light also has a separate motion sensor and it is something completely new as there are no other solar floodlights that would have this kind of feature and that only shows how MicroSolar is thinking about their customers and innovating along the way. This motion sensor also has a light meter and together they make the perfect user experience. There is also a small digital display that will allow you to mess around with the light timing that can be configured from one to ten minutes and also with the motion sensor and light meter sensitivity. This is a great addition that this motion sensor is a separate unit as you can position it toward your entrance but put the light up higher to cover the whole area or think up many other uses for these separate parts.

Solar panel

MicroSolar 256 LED solar floodlight solar pannelThis Led floodlight uses a Polycrystalline solar panel and that ensures that this light will be charged in sunlight as well as in rainy days as these polycrystalline panels are especially manufactured to create energy in any light conditions. What people may not realize that even when there are clouds most of the sunlight still gets to the earth as it is still bright on ground and many other light waves like infrared will get to the ground trough those clouds. And polycrystalline panels are especially designed to capture all this light and that means that this panel has a peak power output of 5 Watts that will be enough to fully recharge that 2000 mAh battery in a single day. This panel is also enclosed in aluminum frame so it is waterproof and will work for years to come without any problems.

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Overall I think this is one of the best and most powerful solar LED floodlights as this light uses pure solar energy but can give you an astounding 1200 lumen output with an efficiency of 100 lumens per watt. The price is a bit high but you should expect that from a fixture this feature packed and that is made entirely from aluminum!