User rating
  • 4Ah Battery
  • Great build quality
  • 5W solar panel
  • Lux meter
  • Only 111 minute work time
  • No motion sensor
  • High price
  • Lead Acid battery


TR Energy is a Chinese company that focuses on oil and gas exploration but what we are interested in is the Solar Energy Group Co, and that is a sub division of TR Energy called TR Solar. This subdivision was created in 2006 and is focused solely on producing top quality solar panels and LED lights. They make solar panels from 3W to 300W capacity and their total solar panel output is about 500 MW yearly but they plan to increase that to 1000 MW by 2015. This company makes everything from LED street lights to household solar powered light and also flood lights!


TR Solar 1,5 W whole packageThis particular model is a 1.5 W output LED flood light that is powered solely on solar power and do not need any other outside energy source. The light itself has 27 LED diodes that each consume about 0.05 W and together make quite a bright light that is comparable to 30 W incandescent or 10 W CFL flood lights. Of course it is not bright enough to light up your whole back yard but it can comfortably give you light while you are walking around your backyard or need light to find your keyhole on your house’s back doors. The whole light fixture is cased in cast aluminum so it is light but still durable but you will also find some plastic components and everything except the solar panel is coated with black paint. The complete fixture weighs around 4 kg (8.8 pounds) so it is not that light but usually that means it will be durable and won’t be damaged by heavy rainfall or other extreme weather conditions.

The solar panel that this light comes together with is a panel that has the dimensions of 29 cm X 20 cm x 18 cm (11.4 inch x 7.8 inch x 7 inch) so it is not that small. But what is interesting is that with full sunlight this panel can output 9 Volts or 5 Watts and it has one of the strongest power outputs of any flood light panels. With this kind of power this solar panel can recharge your battery in only one hours of full sunlight but you rarely get that kind of performance and most of the time you will need at least two to three hours of partial sunlight to fully recharge that battery. This solar panel can be placed in about 3 meter range as the connector cord is 3 meters long. This wire has also the benefit of being water-proof and the connector that connects your light and solar panel is also waterproof so no need to worry about that!

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The battery itself on this 1.5 W TR Solar flood light is a 6 V 4000mAh (4Ah) Lead acid battery and it is enclosed separately from the light fixture of that solar panel and can be placed together or separately from the light fixture itself. This battery is enclosed in black aluminum / plastic casing to protect it from weather or heat / cold stresses and extend its lifespan. In general Lead acid batteries has about 650 recharge cycles and that means about two years of use if you use it every single day but can be extended to 4 years if you use your light every other day. Basically it all depends on the usage and if you drain that battery completely every single time it won’t last as long as if you would use only 50 % charge every time.

Battery life: This solar powered flood light uses about 1.5 W of power but has a battery that fully recharged holds about 4 Amper Hours. If we calculate the total light lifespan we get 1.86 hours or about 111 minutes ((4000 mAh / 1500 mAh)*0.7) and that is not that bad considering that you get this light completely free with that solar power you get from that 5 W solar panel!

TR Solar 1,5 W light fixture

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Overall this is a great solar powered LED light that can be a good addition to your home backyard or any other place where you need constant light as this light doesnt have that motion detector and only has a continuous light mode. Another thing to mention is that surrounding light meter that detects when your light needs to turn on and that will allow you to let this light work for itself till the battery is dead as it will only turn on when the surrounding ambient light dips below a certain lux density.

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