User rating
  • Great durability and quality
  • Weather resistant
  • Can illuminate all night
  • Can be used as wall or landscape light
  • More durable than similar solar floodlights
  • Has got only 120 lumen light output
  • Does not have a motion sensor


This 28 LED Solar Outdoor Floodlight is manufactured by MicroSolar. MicroSolar is offering different solar flood lights, all with good design and quality, some of flood lights also have motion sensor. Their products start from smaller solar flood lights like this particular one, and reach up to powerful and very bright solar floodlights, whose performance is similar to wired LED flood lights.

MicroSolar 28MicroSolar 28 LED Solar Outdoor Flood light is a universal flood light in the terms of its usage. You can install it on walls or any other vertical surfaces and use as a regular lighting to shine from top and illuminate an area below the light. Or you can use it on ground as a landscape flood light and illuminate a large area in front of the floodlight. The solar panel also can be screwed on any hard surface, like wall or roof top to get more sunlight for charging its batteries, and it also can be set in the ground, with a ground stand, and can charge its batteries in middle of your backyard or garden. This is quite unique for solar flood light, because most of them do not offer you a land stand solar panel with their lights.

This particular flood lights has automatical lighting system from dusk to down. This means that light turns on automatically at dusk and continues to illuminate till dawn, or in other words, till its enought bright outside that you do not need an artificial lighting. The light can shine for about 10 hours a day with one full charge.

MicroSolar 28 LED Flood light has got 28 bright LED diodes that can output 120 lumens. This flood light has got 2W polycrystalline solar panel that has got 16 feet cable wire which is used to connect light with solar panel. The solar panel is charging 2000mAh Lithium Ion battery. This battery has got more than 2 years long life time until it wears out and needs a replacement. All of this solar flood lights parts are durable and resistant to different weather conditions.

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MicroSolar 28 LED Solar Flood Light stand

The solar floodlight has got an aluminium body. This helps to protect the light from more extreme weather conditions. It is also more durable than plastic flood lights and can easily used outdoors in any time of the year. The solar lamp is also easy to install and does not require an electrician to set up the light. You can just screw it on any wall you like or just put it in land with ground stand and it is ready to use. It can also be moved to a different place any time you like, and you do not have to worry about detaching any wires when you do that.


This is one of the best outdoor solar flood lights, if you do not need a really bright flood light to illuminate your area. It is a durable light, made with high quality and will last long even when used outside all the time.

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