User rating
  • Brighter than other lights at this price
  • Light sensor that turns light on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Durable plastic casing
  • Two illumination lengths - 10 hour and 6 hour
  • No motion sensor
  • Small range of illumination, more like spotlight

Jiawei Technology SPS2-P2-BK-1Manufacturer

Four Seasons Courtyard flood light is manufactured by Jiawei Technology Ltd. This company is based in China and was made in 1993. Jiawei Technology manufactures different solar power and LED lighting products. This company is well known for making different solar led garden lights.


Jiawei Technology SPS2-P2-BK-1 solar flood light can be used all season long. It has got waterproof casing, so it is ideal for any outdoor usage. This floodlight is landscape light, and you can place it in ground and use as garden light. It is also all in one fixture floodlight, because solar panel is attached to the light. Four Seasons Courtyard solar flood light is decorative light and can be used to illuminate different objects like sculptures, flowers, trail or other places in your backyard or garden. This light looks good and will be good addition to your garden. The light turns on automatically at night, so you do not have to worry that battery will drain on day.

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This flood light has got two bright white LED diodes. It can run up to 10 hours with one charge and you can select if you want it to illuminate for 6 or 10 hours. In 6 hour mode the light will be brighter, but will drain battery faster, in 10 hour mode light will be less bright, but will illuminate 4 hours longer. In 6 hour mode light output is 15 lumens. In 10 hour mode light output in first 5 hours  is 12 lumens and in next 5 hours – 6 lumens. This is one advantage for SPS2-P2-BK-1 floodlight, because you can choose how long you want the light to illuminate at night. Light output is pretty high for this floodlight and will illuminate desired area without any problems, some users report that this solar flood light is lot brighter than many other flood lights at this price range, with its high output led lights.

Flood light includes one 400mAh lithium rechargeable battery. The light is easy to install and does not require any wires. You can install anywhere you like in your garden or backyard, just place the light in ground and it is ready to use. To get the maximum illumination time of the light, place it in area, where direct sunlight can reach the solar panel and charge lights battery in day. SPS2-P2-BK-1 is made from durable plastic and is waterproof, so you can use it outside.


Jiawei Technology SPS2-P2-BK-1 Four Seasons Courtyard led solar flood light is cheap landscape light with quite bright led diodes and durable casing. This light will be the best used in your garden or backyard to illuminate small area in front of the light. This flood lights also comes in 12 pack, so you can illuminate your garden trails or different objects in your backyard. SPS2-P2-BK-1 Four Seasons Courtyard flood light is waterproof, so you can use it anywhere outside your house all year.