User rating
  • Cheap price
  • Separate solar panel
  • Adjustable bulb heads and motion sensor
  • Low lumen output
  • Made from plastic

Amos 22 LED solar flood light is designed to be light weight but have the performance of a wall light while working completely from that solar panel requiring no additional power input.

AMOS 22 light

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Amos solar flood light is composed of two main parts where one is the light fixture with two bulb heads and a motion sensor and there is also a separate solar panel. This light fixture has the dimensions of 7 inches x 6.6 inches x 4.1 inches (18 cm x 17 cm x 10.5 cm) and it is mainly made from plastic but it still has a water resistant outer exterior and you can put it outside and it should survive trough winter and trough heavy rainfall as well as strong autumn winds. This whole light fixture consists of three separate parts that are:

  • Bulb heads – At the top of this fixture there are two rotatable bulb heads that each have 11 LED diodes in them. These bulb heads can be rotated with two distinct hinges so they can be maneuvered around to our likening and you can point them in one direction or separate and point them each toward the side. These bulb heads are also made from plastic and they have a see trough glass protective lens that is screwed in place with 4 screws. This see trough lens protects those diodes from rain and other moistures as well as dust particles but it does not act as a light disperser as it is in many other models. Inside there are those 11 LED diodes that I mentioned before and they are bulked together creating a circular shape. Around them the whole bulb head is covered in reflective material that helps to reflect some light that comes off of those side diodes and also throws it out of the bulb head. Because there are so many diodes in each head there is no need for any reflecting or bending of that light as it already comes off quite dispersed and creates a flood light effect.
  • AMOS solar lightBattery/ body – The body or the middle part of this light fixture is where the battery sits that will power this light in the night and it is also enclosed in a plastic casing that protects it from the Sun and moisture as well as shields it from any dust particles. The battery that is enclosed there is a rechargeable 3.6 V one that has a capacity of 600 mAh so it is not the biggest of them all but because there are only 22 low power diodes it is enough. At the middle there is also a light or LUX meter that will detect the surrounding light level and prevent this lamp from turning on in the daytime and when it gets dark enough it will give signal to that motion sensor that it is OK to start detecting motion. This middle part is also the one that has two screw holes that will be needed to attach this light to any surface where you need lighting in night. At the bottom of this middle part there are also two little knobs that allow you to change motion detection range and light meter sensitivity.
  • Motion sensor – The last part is the motion sensor that sits at the bottom of this fixture and basically it is a sensor that is  capable of detecting any motion in a 125 degree angle and in a distance that is adjustable from 6.6 to 16.6 feet (2 to 5 meters). That may sound like small distance but it is basically the illumination area of this light so there is no need to detect motion further away. This detector can also be adjustable so you can secure this fixture in place and then adjust this to the side that gets the most usage.

AMOS 22 light in its natural enviroment

Then there is also that solar panel that has the dimensions of 5.1 inches x 5.1 inches (13 cm x 13 cm) and it is a Polycrystalline panel that is capable of supplying enough power to charge up that battery in less than a day. This solar panel is also enclosed in a weather resistant plastic casing and has a hinge that allows you to rotate it almost 360 degrees. At the bottom there are again two screw holes to secure this panel to any surface but the best part is that it has 16.6 feet (5 meter) long cable that connects those two parts together so you will be able to put it anywhere where there is enough sunlight.

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Overall this is a really great light and I feel that the build quality is quite acceptable considering that low price. The only drawback that I can think of is that low light level from those diodes but it is not designed to produce much light and just enough to give you guidance to your home or garage door.