User rating
  • 500 lumen output
  • 1800 mAh Lithium rechargeable battery
  • External solar panel
  • Two hour work time
  • Made mainly from plastic

Nature Power 23401 is a motion activated solar security light that produces around 500 lumens from two bulkheads and will be able to detect motion from up to 40 feet (12 meters) away. This solar light has a separate solar panel and it runs on Lithium Ion batteries that are installed inside the fixture itself!

Bulb head

Nature Power 23401

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The bulbhead itself is the main part of the whole light as this is where the actual light is produced from those 120 LED diodes. Nature Power has created this 23401 model with two separate adjustable bulbheads that each contain 60 LED diodes and each of these diodes produces around 4.1 lumen of light so each bulbhead produces around 250 lumens but together they have the combined lumen output of around 500. This may sound like a small amount but when you introduce this amount of light in a completely dark night it will seem more than enough to cover that 33 feet(10 meter) distance that is stated in the user’s manual.

Each of these bulb heads sit on a multi-angle adjustable legs that can be rotated 180 degrees so you can place your lights in the opposite angles as well as put them together and shine more light on a particular spot. These two bulbheads are created mainly from plastic but they have some aluminum parts so they are very rigid and will be strong enough to sustain prolonged usage in an outdoor environment. Both of these bulbheads sit on those adjustable legs that come from a single mounting point that also has the battery pack and motion sensor attached to it.

Battery pack

This solar light works on Lithium Ion batteries that are incorporated in that mounting bracket. When you turn this light over you will see four screws that secure the battery pack cover. If you remove them you will see a Lithium battery that has the capacity of 1800 mAh and can produce 7.4 V of electricity. This battery pack will last for at least 600 recharge cycles but usually you will need to replace it every 12 month or so depending on how much you will be using the light.

Motion Sensor

And the last part that is attached to that mounting bracket is the motion sensor that also sits on an adjustable hinge and can be rotated and moved to get the best possible working angle. This motion sensor has the working angle of 40 feet (12 meters) and a sensing angle of 120 degrees so you will be able to cover a pretty large distance. This motion sensor also has a light meter incorporated in it that will start working as the ambient light level drops below 2000 lux, but this can be adjusted with the dials that are located on the bottom. There are three main dials for Light level, time and sensitivity and they all will allow you to adjust those three characteristics just the way you need it:Nature Power 23401 dieals

  • Light Level – Light level sensor allows you to dial up or down that light sensor and that means you can adjust it to turn on at daylight or when the ambient light level drops below a certain threshold.
  • Time – The time sensor allows you to regulate how long will the light stay on after the motion sensor picks up movement. This sensor can be adjusted from 8 to 120 seconds and that means you can conserve energy or let the light stay on longer for more convenient locations.
  • Sensitivity – The sensitivity dial allows you to adjust the motion sensor sensitivity from high(when even a cat will trigger the sensor) to low when only large moving objects like Humans will trigger the light.

Overall the motion sensor is very sharp and precise so it will detect even the slightest movement and that means you will need to adjust those dials to your optimal level!

Solar Panel

Nature Power 23401 solar pannelLike all solar powered security lights this also has a remote solar panel that can be placed up to 16 feet (4.8 m) away from the light fixture itself. This solar panel has an Amorphous photo-cell that will allow it to generate electricity even if there are clouds covering the sun and that is very convenient when you need electricity for security purposes. This solar panel can generate a maximum of 2W of electricity but that is enough to recharge that Lithium battery every single day!


The last part I want to mention is the styling as this light has a somewhat different style from other similar floodlights. Those two bulb heads are created from cast aluminum, plastic and glass but the fact that there are two distinct adjustable heads is amazing. Overall this floodlight has a black color and it feels and looks durable and long lasting. The solar panel has a very sleek look with a triangle shaped mounting bracket and together both these parts look great in any environment weather it is you backyard shed or on your house porch.

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Despite the previously mentioned things his solar floodlight has other features like overcharge and over discharge protection circuits as well as a 1 year limited warranty. I also did not mention that this light can light up about 100 times if set to maximum illuminating time (120 sec) and that means it has an average working time of about 2 hours. And that is a great number considering that it gives out 500 lumens and has only 1800 mAh battery capacity.  And that is why I can highly recommend this solar floodlight to anyone who needs a security light as well as a floodlight to illuminate their backyard or other areas.