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  • Attachable solar cell,
  • 3 meter power cord,
  • 600 lumen output,
  • 10 hour life span,
  • Weather proof housing,
  • Easy installation,
  • Free light.
  • No motion sensor
  • No adjustable mounting gear for solar panel
  • The light gets dimmer as the charge decreases
  • The cost is pretty high


Reusable Revolution LLC is a new company that takes solar powered flood lights to the next level with their innovative designs and advertising. This company makes more than 100 solar lights and sells them since 2009 through internet. This manufacturer is well known in the floodlight maker because they have excellent build quality and their products are cheap and easy to use.

Reusable-Revolution-108-LED-diode-flood-lightLight review

This specific Flood light has 108 LED diodes that together draw about 160 W of electricity and produce up to 600 lumens with a full charge. The light is a White spectrum light that has good color rendering index so you will see colors in their true shapes but the best part of this bulb is its long life span that can last up to 10 hours. In solar flood light market you will have trouble finding any other light with so long illumination time and so bright light output. This all is possible because the light has 12V 4Ah rechargeable battery that is weatherproof and will last for countless recharges.

108 LED Solar Powered Wall Mount Flood Light also has a detachable solar power cell that has a cord of 3 meters (9.8 feet) so you will be able to mount this solar cell wherever you can find the best sunlight in that 3 meter radius. The panel itself is a mono-crystalline panel that has 10 V and 18 W power output so it will be capable of recharging your light in the day so you can get your FREE lighting in the night. This panel itself is in a grey color and it has the dimensions of 17.7 inches in length, 14 inches in width and 1 inch height (5 cm X 35.3 cm X 2.5 cm). I need to also mention that the power cable that connects the solar cell with the lamp is water sealed and the plug that connects them is also waterproof so no wind, rain or snow will hurt this lamp.

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The light fixture without the solar panel is housed in a metal shell that has screws rather than glued parts for a more easier repairs if anything should happen to it. The color of the bulb housing fixture is dark grey and it looks and feels really resilient to any weather or any other damage.

This light fixture has a built in sensor for the surrounding area light level so it turns on only when there is too little natural light and turns off when the light comes back. This sensor coupled with the system that lets the light dim the LED lights will give you a complete evening to morning illumination of any area you like. The light fixture itself has the dimensions of 11 inches in length, 8.6 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height  (28 cm , 21.8 cm and  8.8 cm) , so this light is not that massive and considering the long illumination time and the bright light it is quite small.

Light usage

This is the wall mounted version of this light so you will be able to put it anywhere where you need to illuminate an area from above. The manufacturer says that it is best to put this light around the 9 feet (2.7 m) mark from the ground to get the optimum light levels and coverage. This light has an illumination area of 16.5 feet x 20.4 feet (5 meters x 6.2 meters) if you would put your light 10 feet from the measurement place. This big of an illumination area gives you endless possibilities of using this flood light but you need to remember that this specific model does not have motion activated sensor so it can’t be used as a security light. Overall this light is good for remote places where light is needed all night or for people who just want to be more eco friendly or just want to save some money in the long run not paying for the light that is created from their flood lights.


  • attachable solar cell,

  • 3 meter power cord,

  • 600 lumen output,

  • 10 hour life span,

  • weather proof housing,

  • easy installation,

  • free light.


  • No motion sensor

  • no adjustable mounting gear for solar panel

  • the light gets dimmer as the charge decreases

  • the cost is pretty high

These advantages and disadvantages are not final and for example the light dimming is understandable because you most likely want to get some light than get no light when the battery loses its stored electricity. This also implies that the 10 hour lifespan from full charge is not complete because the light will be shining dimmer at the end and the light output will not be the same as with a completely full charge.

So overall this 108 LED light has many advantages and some disadvantages but it is one of the best solar flood lights that are available on the Amazon.

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