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  • Aluminum casing
  • 300 lumen light output
  • Great build quality
  • Only 30 secong work time

northern twilight 4

Northern Twilight ELS-06P is a LED solar powered motion activated flood light that is made for different uses and is one of the brightest and cheapest products that you can find.

This lights unlike other similar products is made from aluminum and has the whole case made from it so it looks and feels really strong and sturdy and no amount of rain, snow, hale or anything else could break this. ELS-06P has the dimensions of 60 inches x 47 inches x 23 inches (154mm x 120mm x 60.5mm) and it weighs only 13.8 ounces (390 grams) so it is a fairly low profile and light product. The light itself as I mentioned has an aluminum casing and at the top of that box shaped body there is a solar panel that spans the whole top and is coated with moisture resistant material so you can set this light up and leave it in all weather conditions. At the bottom there is a white panel that spreads the light produced by those LED diodes around so this can be called a flood light.

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Looking at the top that solar panel has a 5V monocrystalline solar panel that is capable of producing 2.2 W of electricity and that is enough to fully recharge this floodlight in about 6 hours of full sunlight. Because the solar panel is spread across all the top surface it has the surface area of 2820 square inches ( 1848 square centimeters) and that is a lot for a regular solar motion floodlight.

Then at the bottom there is that white panel that spread that light around. Underneath there are 53 high efficiency LED diodes that produce about 300 lumens of power but draw only 3 W of electricity and that means they have 100 lumen efficiency and that is really great! This panel creates a light that has about 120 degree angle so it is able to illuminate quite a large surface area with reasonably bright light. At the front of this white illuminating panel there is a small motion sensor that will trigger the light to turn off if any motion is detected in 5 meter radius and when it does detect any motion the light will shine for about 30 seconds until it will power off. But that Off state is also not a completely dark one as this light is always one for security purposes as it will signal anyone that there is a motion light. Basically the light shines a dim light all the time and when a motion is detected it turns off to full 300 lumen output power and after 30 seconds if no motion is detected it again returns to that ambient lighting level.

northern twilight 2This fixture runs off a battery that is built in this device but can also be changed when it runs out in a couple of years. This battery is a 3.7V 2200mAh powerhouse and that means it will be able to sustain this light in a normal usage mode for a couple of days without any recharge but because in the daytime there is always some light then it is almost impossible to fully discharge this motion sensor LED floodlight.

The manufacturer says that those diodes in this fixture are capable of shining for more than 50000 hours but they do not say anything about that Lithium ion battery lifetime and in my experience that battery will need to be replaced after a couple of years if you use this light continuously as usually these batteries have a couple thousand charge and discharge cycles and when they run out you won’t be able to charge it up anymore.

At the back of this light there are two mounting holes and you get two screws and wall anchors to mount this fixture. The mounting process itself is very easy and when you put this light against the wall at the top where the solar panel is located there are two arrows that let you easily see where you have to drill holes for those wall anchors and you don’t need to measure or do any additional work.

northern twilight bottomOverall this is a really great product that allows you to use Sun’s energy all year long without any clumsy wires or other annoyances. The light output is quite strong and at 300 lumens it is enough to light up a garden shed, your house porch or any other object that you need. There is an included pin that allows you to turn on and off this light and that is convenient as no one else except you can’t turn off this light! I really like this fixture and can recommend anyone to buy it as it really works great and is made really great with amazing attention to detail and quality!

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