User rating
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Amazing build quality
  • 3 hour work time
  • motion sensor
  • Only 360 lumen output
  • Only 1 W solar panel

MicroSolar digital display, buttons

64 diode 3W MicroSolar solar powered flood light is a relative newcomer to the market but the specifications and that low price makes this one of the best flood lights. This outdoor flood light has a metallic frame but has also a plastic outer shell and that makes this light rigid and strong and the paint that is coated all over the fixture does not allow water to penetrate those electric components and makes it waterproof. This light has an IP:65 rating and that means it will work under extreme water conditions like a water jet that directly impacts the light but also will survive a dust storm and has a rated outer shell durability for most dust particles.

The design and styling is all functional and everything that this light has is for performance and that means there is no material weisting and an overall increased functionality. This light is made so you would have an easy to use flood light that powers itself with that added solar panel and doesn’t require any outside electrical power source. The functions can be manipulated by those two buttons on the motion sensor and there is also an LCD built-in display to show you what are the settings. With this display you will be able to adjust the Lux and delay time and that means you will be able to regulate how dark it should be when the light starts working and also how long will the light interval be. This also implies that this flood light has a motion sensor and a LUX meter and they both are very convenient technologies to have as without the LUX meter the light would work all the time and without the motion sensor you would have to turn it on manually.

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The main fixture itself consists of the bulb head, bracket to hold it down, LUX meter and also a motion sensor but what you don’t see is that it also holds a 2000mAh Lithium battery inside that powers your light when no Sun is shining. This fixture has the dimensions of 8.7 inches x 7.2 inches x 5.5 inches (21 cm x 18 cm x 14 cm) and you can fit it to any wall with two screw holes in that metal holding bracket.

1W external Solar panelBesides the main light fixture there is also a 1 W polycrystalline solar panel with a 16.5 feet (5 meter) wire that connect to your main fixture. This extended wire means you are able to position your solar panel in a 5 meter radius from your light and that should be enough to find a sunny and bright spot for it.

Both the light fixture and that solar panel are painted in a black color so they will blend in any environment and the light that comes out of those 65 LED diodes has a Color rendering index of 75 and outputs 6000K color light. This 75 CRI and 6000K light means you will see things almost as they are under direct sunlight and there won’t be any discolorations like with Metal Halide bulbs.

This whole light fixture is made by a company called MicroSolar and it weighs only 2.4 pounds (1134 grams) so it is not that heavy and you will be able to put it up and turn it on in less than 10 minutes.

The last think I need to mention is the performance and I must say it is not that bad considering the cost of this lamp. Basically you get a 360 lumen light output that is equivalent to 30 W incandescent or 8 W CFL bulb. This is not that much but the best part is that you can run this light for about 3 hours in continuous light mode or 200*60 sec in interval mode. This performance will be only achievable if the battery is fully charged and that much ON time will usually be enough for almost all solar flood light owners.

Tip#1: a great tip is to let the light sit for a day or two in direct sunlight before turning it on to let that Lithium battery fully recharge and extend its total lifespan.

Tip#2: A great way to extend any rechargeable battery’s lifespan is not to fully discharge it so it would be best not to use more than 50 % of the charge for the most days but that will happen automatically if you set a shorter light cycle!

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