User rating
  • Really easy installation that takes just a couple of minutes.
  • Covers wide area (up to 40 feet) with really bright light.
  • Separate solar panel.
  • Can capture motion up to 40 feet away.
  • Large battery capacity - 4Ah.
  • Hard to adjust the lux and motion sensitivity dials.
  • Made from plastic and can break in very harsh weather.
  • Below 0 degrees the motion sensor can’t capture motions as far as it can under normal weather.
  • The light can't be shined directly downward due to the mounting mechanism.
  • Some users reported their batteries broke after few month use but the manufacturer replaced them with no additional cost.


MAXSA Innovations is a company that makes solar powered flood lights since 2007 and they are very careful to design each light with the precision and thinking about its usage and usefulness to their customer. This company makes many different solar lights and their products are always well built and cheap.

MAXSA Innovations 40225Light fixture review

This MAXSA Innovations 40225 light is one of the brightest light fixtures in the market because it has 80 led lamps that produce somewhere around 500 lumens (40W halogen equivalent). This bright light means that you can illuminat easily an area around 15 square feet (4.5 meters) but the light can also exert up to 40 square feet (12 meters) and if you want a bright light then in those 15 feet you will see anything on the ground but in those 40 feet you will have bright enough light to see small objects on the ground. This Maxsa innovations light has a detachable solar panel that recharges a 6V 4Ah battery that can make the light come on for 150 times for 1 minute intervals. This of course is not that much but if you turn the interval down to half a minute now you have 300 interval light and if you think about that then those times when you really need your flood light you don’t need it more than a half a minute and because the motion sensors is very sensitive and can pick up motion up to 40 feet (12 meters) away if you are in that zone the light won’t turn off and you will have continuous illumination.

The installation of this light fixture is really easy and you get 5 screws to mount your light wherever you like but be aware that the solar panel needs to be in direct sunlight or else it won’t recharge the battery to it’s full capacity and you won’t get those 150 illumination cycles. Another useful fact is that you need to let your light charge up for 3 to 5 days before turning it on because the battery needs to be charged to its fullest so just instal the fixture and let it sit there in the sun for few days and then you are ready to turn it on and receive your free light!

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The whole light fixture is made from durable plastic casing that is moisture proof and will work in any weather but below 0 degrees celsius the motion sensor can have a bit of a lack time so you you need to be a bit a bit closer to get it to work. There are also 3 dial that you can regulate and they are the illumination time, Lux sensitivity and motion sensitivity. The first dial works completely well and you can regulate for how long the light will shine when the motion sensor is triggered. Th Lux meter measures the surrounding light and you can dial it down to only turn on at night or at the evening when the surrounding light intensity drops a bit. The third and final dial is the motion sensitivity one and with it you can adjust how big and how far motions you want to capture. This dial can be a bit tricky to adjust but when you get it right it catches only human motions and animals can go by not triggering the sensor.

The detachable solar panel has a weather proof power cable that has a decent length and you can mount your panel anywhere where there is more direct sunlight to recharge the batteries better.

Overall this light is a perfect match for anyone who wants a bright flood light that can illuminate a wide area or just a security light that can scare any burglars. The price is also adequate and the build quality is decent so this LED diode powered light is a real bargain and with almost 3 hours of continuous lighting and more than 500 lumen light output I definitely recommend this light to anyone.

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