User rating
  • Elegant design
  • Remote solar panel
  • More than 3 hour work time
  • Bright light from 50 LED diodes
  • Lead acid rechargeable battery that is not standard for replacement
  • Plastic body
  • Needs a full day of sunlight to get that 3 hour work time.

MAXSA Innovations 40223This MAXSA Innovations 40223 Black 50 LED solar flood light is a perfect candidate for household lighting as it provides very bright light and can last more than 3 hour for 1 minute intervals. This light is really good looking and despite being made from plastic it is quite sturdy and it feels strong and long lasting. And this is true because this light that is only 8 inches x 7.5 inches x 10 inches (20.23 cm x 19.5 cm x 25.4 cm) in size will work in almost any weather conditions that include sub zero temperatures, hurricanes and heavy wind and rainfalls.

The light can turn up those 200 times for 1 minute intervals because it has a  6 Volt 4Ah Lead Acid battery that can be recharged countless times and because it is sealed inside the light fixture itself it is protected from the harsh climate and conditions. The light that is produces by this amazing fixture is very bright and it should be because this light has 50 high power LED diodes that will be able to illuminate your whole backyard with warm daylight White light that has good color rendering index and visibility.

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This fixture is also a motion activated and it can detect motion up to 35 feet (11 meters) away and can do the detection on a 180 degree angle. You of course can adjust the gages of the lamp to detect larger or smaller motions and if you get the adjustments right you can set it up to detect only humans and animals walking by won’t trigger the lamp. There are also gages for the period how long will the light stay on and they range from 10 seconds to 1 minute and another gage that sets how dark should the ambient light be in the surrounding area when the light starts working. Many of you must think that the 1 minute interval is too short but it is completely wrong assumption because if you are in that 10 meter area the light will stay on all the time and 1 minute is a long time! The third adjuster that regulates the turn on darkness requirements can be set to turn on at a complete darkness or stay on all the day so you have many options where and how to use this floodlight.

One thing to mention is the Light cover or the plastic That is on top of the LED diodes. This piece of the fixture is responsible for scattering the light because LED diodes have a very narrow light distribution field this piece will take that straight light and scatter it all around your backyard!

The third and the final piece of this whole fixture is the remote solar panel that can be put at 15 feet (4.5 m) distance to get the best light possible. Basically you can install your LED floodlight where you need the light and then find appropriate Sunny spot where to install the solar panel.

The installation of the whole fixture takes no longer than 5 minutes and you have just 6 screws to fix the lamp in place and then you need to let it charge for a day or two to fully fill up that rechargable battery and have the best life expectancy and charge from the beginning.


In the end this is one of the best solar flood lights that are available on the market and because of the bright light, long work time and a decent manufacturer this fixture gets at least in the top 5 best floodlights that are powered by solar Power and have LED diodes. And the final feature the motion detector allows you to use this light for security and general lighting purposes!

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