User rating
  • 2000 lumen output,
  • 80 lumen per watt efficiency
  • Made from aluminum
  • Has 22 year rated lifespan
  • Bulb head lens made from plastic
  • Takes a bit of time to mount.

This LED Home Zone security floodlight is one of the brightest LED lights that you can buy and a 2000 lumen output is just amazing! Home Zone has created this floodlight as the top of the line product and made it from aluminum and coated it with white paint that will help to protect this light from corrosion and will also allow it to be water resistant and stand the test of time as it has a rated 22 lifespan. The light fixture itself consists of a motion sensor and two adjustable bulb heads that together have the dimensions of 9.5 inches x 9.5 inches x 7.1 inches (24.1 cm x 24.1 cm x 18 cm) so considering the light output and a motion sensor that is a very small and compact size. This light is very durable because of that aluminum body but it is also adjustable and will allow you to place it anywhere you like with that ingenious mounting mechanism. There is a crossbar base that the light is attached to and that will act as a mounting base as you secure your led floodlight to that base and then screw the base in place with those included 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) long stainless steel screws. Overall the design of this floodlight is amazing and because of the white color and neutral design you will be able to mount this floodlight anywhere you like.

As the functionality goes you need to remember that this is not a solar powered light so it will need an electricity socket to operate and it is rated only for 120V so this is mainly made for US market with all the safety features that come with this fact. There are various features that I must explain more extensively so let’s get to it!

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Motion Sensor

As I mentioned earlier this light has a motion sensor that sits on a rotatable hinge that will allow you to position in any angle you like. This motion sensor has a 180 degree motion detection angle and that means everything in front of this light will be picked up and even the slightest motion will trigger this device. Manufacturer states that this motion detector is capable of detecting motion in 32 feet (9.6 meter) range and that is a great advantage as you will be able to use this light as a driveway floodlight that will trigger as you return home and want to park your car in your garage. Because this is a top of the line product the motion sensor can be adjusted and you can make the sensitivity just the way you like!

Bulb heads

Home Zone LED Outdoor Security FloodlightThis LED floodlight has two separate bulb heads each containing its own LED chip that consumes 12.5 Watts and spits out 1000 lumens. Together if they are both positioned in one direction they will give you 25 Watt energy consumption and will give you about 2000 lumen output. And that means that this light has an amazing 80 lumens per watt efficiency so you will get a reduced electricity bill but more light. 80 lumens per watt efficiency is not common amongst LED floodlights and they are usually less than 70 lumen per watt efficient. This efficiency means that you will get at least 5 times more light from this fixture than you could from a regular incandescent floodlight and over the course of this bulbs life you will save a lot of money in electricity costs and considering that these prices will rise that means everyone will want LED diode powered floodlights. The light that comes out from these 25W LED diode chips is 5600K and that means it will be almost as bright as a daylight bulb and will not have that yellow glow that many other so called “warm white” bulbs have. Manufacturer also states that this floodlight has a color rendering index of 75 and even if it is not 100 this will give you great colors and will not skew them to the red or yellow side.
These bulb heads are also created from aluminum but they have a plastic lens that is a bit strange as plastic can get foggy when it is exposed to huge amounts of UV radiation like this light will be during those 22 years of operation in constant sunlight.

Overall this is a very decent floodlight that is created to be efficient, give off very bright light and also be durable and long lasting. All these features packed together makes this one of the best LED floodlights on the market and looking at the price it is a sin not to buy this fixture but to get an energy guzzling incandescent light.

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