User rating
  • Solar panel is adjustable.
  • Light itself is adjustable to 360 degrees.
  • Can last up to 10 hours.
  • Has a coverage up to 300 square feet.
  • It uses Led Acid Battery technology.
  • Need full day of sun on the panel to fully recharge.
  • Not as bright as electrical flood lights.
  • Some customers have complained about faulty fixtures but the company will replace your light if this happens.
  • In very heavy rain some water can penetrate the lens.


Concept Enterprises is an old company and they make solar flood lights for more than 10 year (since 1999) so they have a very good experience and their manufacturing standards are high. This company is one of the leading solar light manufacturers in the world and they prove themselves with good quality and low prices so you can really trust their products.

Light review

This specific Concept SL-200 flood light is one of the two solar flood lights that Concept Enterprises make and it is a long lasting light that is intended for lighting up rooms and places for long times but it is not intended for security purposes because it has no motion sensor.

SL200 concept light

This is one of those solar floodlights that has its solar panel detached from the light fixture for your convenience so that you can put it where it can get more sunlight. This  Pol-Crystal solar panel has the output of 2 W and it recharges a battery that is 4V and has 4.5 Ah capacity. With a full charge this led-acid battery can run your light from 8 to 10 hours but it will take a whole day of sunlight to fully recharge a drained battery.

This light has no motion sensors and no lux sensors so there are less parts that can break but you get an on / off switch that can be mounted at a distance for your convenience. With this remote switch you will be able to turn on or off your light that puts out close to 500 lumens (manufacturer states it is 15 W CFL equivalent) so this light is quite bright but of course it is not meant for complete illumination as those 24 led diodes are not capable of providing bright enough light for you to see every detail on the ground. This average light output will however be able to illuminate 20 square feet (6 meter) region with very bright light and up to 300 square feet (90 meter) region with faint light because the LED diodes have wide angle and they output a fairly intense light.

The lamp and the solar panel both are made from plastic but the plastic is somewhat resilient and it is also weather proof as this light is intended for outdoor use. The fact that there are no sensors that can malfunction will also work in your favor because some floodlights with motion sensors don’t work in the winter but this fixture will work as a charm in almost any weather conditions.

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Another great feature is the adjustable element on the fixture itself and also the solar panel because they both need to be adjusted to get maximum sunlight on the panel and maximum light coverage on the ground.


In this review I also need to mention that the whole package weighs only 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) and the installation process is easy because the light itself is only 9’’ in length , 9’’ in width and 14’’in height (22.8 cm – 22.8 cm – 14 cm) so you will be able to get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

When you have installed your light you need to let it recharge for a day or two to get your rechargeable battery to its full capacity and because batteries wear off over time it is best to start using them when they are completely charged.

If these statistics seem appealing you can check out this post for some of the ways you can use this light.

So overall this light is a bargain to anyone who wants a light that can last all night without no electricity costs to you. The light can illuminate large area and there are few parts that can break and the price is also acceptable.

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