User rating
  • Detachable solar panel but can work as an All-in-one fixture
  • 32 LED diodes
  • can work up to 10 hours
  • 4500 mAh rechargeable battery
  • UV and weather resistant casing
  • Free light forever
  • Photocell sensor to turn on the motion detector only at night
  • Lead Acid battery
  • The light is not that bright and is only comparable with 20 W CFL bulb
  • Made from plastic

Concept Enterprises SL-100This Concept Enterprises Solar powered motion activated flood light is one of the best ones on the market and in the top 5 most talked about.

This SL-100 solar light has 32 Wide angle LED diodes and a detachable solar panel that recharges a 4500 mAh  4 Volt Lead-Acid battery. This solar panel is 13.5 inch (34 cm) wide by 0.5 inch (1.2 cm)  deep and 7.4 inches (19cm) in height and has a 2W amorphous cells that can recharge that battery in one day of full sunlight.  Considering that this Solar Panel needs to recharge 4.5 Ah battery it is quite small and can be easily adjusted to the right angle. This power generating panel has a lengthy chord that will allow you to put it at a distance from the actual light and use the best sunlight to faster recharge those batteries.

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The light fixture itself consists of a 32 LED diode lamp , Photocell sensor and Motion detector but also has that rechargeable battery inside it. This whole system is covered with injection molded plastic that protects those component from Ultraviolet radiation and deterioration.  The light fixture is placed below the motion sensor and has a plastic cover that helps further more to the light dispersal and allows you to get wider illumination angle and up to 190 feet (63 meter) illumination zone but you need to know that this is the maximum range and at the outer edges of that zone the light will be almost invincible by your naked eye.  And if you want a light that is more useful and will illuminate your backyard or scare off potential burglars then you should adjust the light to cover some 30 or 60 feet (10 or 20 meters) and at that distance you will get a quite bright light. Moving forward the motion detector will be able to detect any movement and you have the ability to adjust the detection sensibility from large objects to small leaf and tree branch movements. It is also good to know that this motion sensor has a roof like structure to protect it from heavy rain falls and so no dust will build up. If you like you can also attach the solar panel to the light fixture itself and in this way be able to call it a complete solar flood light fixture. And another thing to mention is the light dimensions and they are 9.7 inches (24 cm) wide ,9 inches (22 cm) deep and 14.7 (37 cm) inches height so the fixture is fairly large but you can get up to 10 hours of continuous illumination and that means a lot if you need to use it as a constant light source, and because solar energy is free you won’t need to pay for electricity anymore and you will be able to get back your initial investment in no time at all.

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That Photocell sensor that I motioned earlier is there to tell the light that the outer ambient light level is too low and it needs to turn on the motion detector and it also can be adjusted to turn on only in the night or in almost daytime conditions.

As for the set up it is done quite easily and you will get those screws necessary for setting this light up included and also a manual how to best operate this light. When the light itself and the solar panel are attached to solid surfaces you will also have the ability to maneuver them around and adjust to your specific needs. And when the light is first set up it is best to turn it off for the first few days to fully recharge the battery and increase its life span! When the light is operational you will need to attend it no more than 2 time a year to clean the solar panel and light, motion sensor from dust and other particles and to adjust the solar panel angle to where the sun is in the sky. I usually adjust the light at the autumn and in the spring as then the sun changes its trajectory in the sky the most.

All in all this is one of the best solar powered motion detector lights that your money can buy and because of the 10 hour work time this is the only light you will need.

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