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LED floodlights come in wide range of prices and form-factors but they all utilize LED diode technology and thus are very energy efficient and long-lasting. Here you will find the best of the best LED floodlights and you will be able to compare all their features and in the end make the most educated decision about witch of these LED floodlights is the best for your specific requirements.

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wholesalers 150W
wholesalers 10W
wholesalers 55W
Lithonia 6LC20
Lithonia 9LC30
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MST18920LW Led flood light is designed and manufactured by a company called Cooper Industries and to be more precise by their light department that is called Cooper Lighting. The whole organisation is an international business with more than 5 Billion annual revenue and from a company that huge you can expect the best quality and performance.

This particular LED light model is a 1982 lumen output flood light that has two separate bulb heads and an all aluminum die cast body that can be secured to any wall or junction box. This LED flood light has a very broad light angle but the best part about that light is the color temperature and efficiency. Basically you get a daylight full white light that shine in the 5000K color spectrum and has a whopping 74 lumen per watt efficiency that can rival most fluorescent light and greatly surpass any halogen or incandescent flood lights. The fact that this light is made from those light emitting diodes gives it an average lifespan of about 36000 hours or about 1500 days of continuous light and because there is also a motion sensor the actual lifespan could extend well over that time frame as LED diodes doesn’t wear off in a constant on/off switching.

Because this flood light has two heads you can position them to cover a very wide area and because of that really bright light and a 180 degree motion sensor you can use this as a security light or in almost any other place because it can be programmed to stay On for at least 6 minutes and that is a long time if compared to other motion activated lights.


LEDwholesalers 10 Watt outdoor floodlight

LEDwholesalers has certainly earned a good reputation among led lighting users with their quality products. And this led flood light is not an exception. This led flood light has got 10 Watt power and uses LED diodes as light source. This means that the floodlight will be more economical than for example halogen light and will produce more lumen output power. 10 Watts may not sound much, but this light is capable to illuminate quite large area and will be suitable for most people basic needs.The bulb voltage is 12 volts. Light output of this led flood light is approximately 700 lumens. If you need to illuminate front door, driveway, shed, some spot in your background, this light will do it without any problems. The light spread of this led flood light is 125 degrees, which is pretty decent angle, so it will light not only directly in front of the lamp, but also spread on the sides. The light itself is made with aluminum casing which is sealed with rubber and will stand any weather conditions.

You can use this floodlight outdoors without any problems, because it is waterproof. I can mention that the quality of this led flood light is really good compared to its price. Although it may not be the best looking lamp, it does its job without any problems, and you will probably get many years of work time out of this little led flood light. The dimensions of this flood light are 4.5 x 3.9 x 3.3 inches (115 x 100 x 85 mm). Cable length is approx 1m long, which is not that long, but is enough to wire it to a longer cable.  Also it comes with bare wires and does not have pre wired wall plug, so you will have to wire it by yourself.

Some people get confused with unusual wire color codes, but basically they are – Yellow/Green – Ground(Green or Bare), Brown – Black, Blue – White. At the end I will suggest this led flood light for anyone, who needs a basic outdoor flood light to decently illuminate some spot or object on their property, and do not need the most powerful and brightest flood light at the market. It has got good built quality and great price for outdoor led flood light.

LEDwholesalers 10 Watt outdoor floodlight


LED motion security light from Lithonia Lighting

Lithonia Lighting is a 60 year old company that is a part of the Acuity Brands collective of brands and subsections. The Whole Acuity Brands group is a multinational organisation with operating profits in several hundred million and with revenue in the billions. This company has several thousand employees and that means they know what they are doing. The specific sub-brand Lithonia lighting is a light manufacturer that creates lights from industrial to individual scale and all of their products have great quality!

This specific LED flood light is a two head motion activated flood light with about 1700 lumen output but it only takes in around 22 W of electricity so the total efficiency is about 77 lumens per watt and that is not bad comparing it to fluorescent and HID lights. This flood light is made from high strength corrosion resistant aluminum in a casting manufacturing mechanism that insures that this light will remain water and weather proof for multiple years and in fact the manufacturer gives a 5 year limited warranty and that is impressive because similar products from other companies receive only one or two year warranty’s.

The light fixture itself is composed of two adjustable bub heads an adjustable motion sensor and a light meter that detects the ambient light level and signals the light if it is time to start scanning for movements. Those two bulb heads can cover a really wide range and can shine more than 100 feet (30 meters) away and that is more than enough to cover a front lawn , illuminate a beautiful garden piece or protect your home from unwanted house guests. The motion sensor can be manually adjusted and can be quite sensitive if you want it that way but the best part is that it detects motion in a 180 degree angle and that can be really helpful if you put your light in a corner or it need to detect motion coming from multiple directions.

Overall this light is perfect for home or garden use but can also be used as a real security light. The price is nice and the build quality is amazing, but because of the 3.5 pound (1.5 kg) weight you will probably need a little help to install it!


Fulcrum 20032-301 6 LED flood light

This led flood light is manufactured by Fulcrum. Fulcrum is manufacturing different little led powered lights and gadgets. This particular solar flood light is one of their top products. It is different than most other led flood lights, and different than any on this list. Unlike other flood lights this works on 4 AA batteries. This means no need for wires or plugs. The light is really easy to install, takes just couple of minutes. You can attach it to wall with only two screws or sticky pads. This light has got 6 LED diodes, which can output about 200 lumens. It also has got motion sensor, which means that light will turn on automatically, when motion is detected. It also has photocell sensor, so light only turns on when its dark. When motion is detected, the light will illuminate for about half a minute. The motion sensor detection range is about 10 – 15 feet, depends on the placement of the light. This led flood light can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is quite small (approx. 5.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches or  14 x 6.3 x 3.8 cm) and has got weatherproof casing, which protects the light in any outdoor weather conditions like rain or snow.

This light will be perfect for different indoor places like stairs, hallway, stairway, doors and other places, which you need to illuminate. Outside you can use it in such places as front door to illuminate keyhole at the night, driveway, backyard or as garden decoration lights. Because of its compact size, beautiful design and easy installation, you can use this flood light almost anywhere you want. The main thing that stands this little led light out of others is the great price. In this price range, you won’t be able to find better motion activated led flood light than Fulcrum 20032-301 LED light.

Fulcrum 20032-301 6 LED flood light

Lithonia OFLR 9LC

OFLR 9LC is another light that is made by Lithonia Lighting company but this specific light is a 3 head Flood light with 1636 lumen light output and a great overall look and feel. Basically with this light you get a flood light that has 3 bulb heads that can be interchangeably adjusted to cover a wider or smaller area according to the owners needs. Those three bulb heads each have 3 High power LED diodes that each have about 3W power input and combined they drain about 27-30 Watts and that is not bat for 1636 lumens and equates to 55-60 lumens per watt of electricity.

But the best part about this light is the fact that LED diodes are rated to last about 50000 hours and that is a long time if you only turn it on couple of times a night and even if you let it shine all night that equates to more than ten year lifespan and that is amazing for a light bulb, not mentioning floodlights. As a flood light this light works wonderfully and any skeptics that think LED diodes can’t disperse enough light to cover a wide area will be amazed when they see this light in action. This lithonia light can easily replace 50-150 W halogen lights in the energy saving and also in the light output.

Another great feature for this light is the color output of the light and it is around the 5300K mark and that means you will get a more white light that mimics the suns light when it is straight up and when those light waves are not bent as much travelling trough the atmosphere. This light has a light meter installed so you can rig it to activate as soon as it gets dark outside, or you can also activate it when you need more light , but be patient as after the manual activation it takes a couple of seconds for the light meter to read the ambient light level and give signal to the light to start shining.

Overall this is a great light, but the price is a bit too high. Apart from that price the waterproof metal casing is great and the overall look and feel is tremendous so I think this light is a great replacement for those old incandescent or halogen floodlights.


Lithonia OFLR 6LC 120 2-head LED flood light

Lithonia OFLR 6LC 120 is two head outdoor led flood light. Lithonia is well known led product manufacturer. This led flood light has got two adjustable heads, each with three high performance LEDs. Total amount of light power for light is 20 watts. LED flood light will output up to 1000 lumens. Bulb voltage is 120 volts. Both heads are adjustable so you can place them in any direction you need. The lamp produces bright white light. The level of brightness of this led floodlight is quite impressive and will be enough to illuminate larger outdoor applications.

This light can illuminate such places like driveways, patios, walkways, backyards and other large areas that needs extra illumination or security at night. You will be surprised, how bright this LED actually is, considering that it only has 20 watt light power. This flood light has got dusk to dawn photocell. It will activate floodlight at dusk, when it gets dark and will turn it off at dawn. This will help to save more energy as the light will illuminate only at dark period of day. Although photocell works correctly at night, it may have some problems at day. Photocell is quite sensitive and can turn light on even in shady areas or earlier than it should, when it is not dark outside. It will mostly depend on the place you mount the light.

This outdoor flood light also has got durable cast aluminum corrosion resistant housing that will stand harder weather conditions. This floodlight comes in bronze or white colors. It has two mounting options – wall mount or eave mount. Lithonia OFLR 6LC 120 has got durable metal mounting screws that will hold the light firmly in the place you will install it. The manufacturer Lithonia Lighting provides 5 year warranty against mechanical defects. This led floodlight also looks good and will be great addition to your house, backyard, garden or some other place.

Lithonia OFLR 6LC 120 2-head LED flood light

LOFTEK® 50W RGB LED Flood light

Loftek is a US based company that specializes in consumer related products ranging from surveillance cameras to flashlights and house lighting but they also manufacture flood lights. The company’s origins can be found multiple decades ago and they have been steadily increasing their knowledge and standards over the years and we can see that progress in their product list!

50 W LOFTEK light is an all metal light that chews up around 50 W of electricity but is produces the light that is equivalent to 250 W or even bigger wattage Halogen lights. This LED flood light is an unique peace of engineering as it has multiple color diodes in there that can be turned of separately or all together, making this a perfect light to illuminate your garden in many different colors as well as supplying amazing light for a garden party. The bulb contains 4 distinct LED diodes (Red, Green, Blue and White) that can be turned on or off with a remote control and together they allow you to create 16 different light tones ranging from red to blue but you can also get a regular white light.

This color changing feature is unique and despite that the lamp is quite cheap for a 50 W LED bulb that is made entirely from metal with water and weather proof housing. The light itself is bright and you can illuminate a wide range of areas but because there is no light meter or motion sensor you will need to set it on all night. But because this is a LED light your electricity bill will not increase noticeably but you will have a great LED floodlight lighting your backyard or shed all night long. The product is great and the price is great and if you like those color options then this light is the light to have!


Lithonia OFLR 9LC 120 3-head LED flood light

This is another multi-head outdoor flood light by Lithonia Lighting. This led flood light has got three adjustable heads, each with three LEDs, total 9 high power LEDs. The bulb voltage is 120 volts. It has got 30 watt power and produces up to 1700 lumens per all light heads. This is pretty powerful flood light and with three adjustable heads can illuminate a large area around the flood light. Also you can aim each head in different direction and illuminate three areas at the same time. As other Lithonia led flood lights, this also has got built in photocell that prevents the flood light from turning on at daytime.

One thing that differs this led flood light from others is its built in motion sensor. It can detect motion up to 70 feet and turn the light on when movement is detected in front of the light. This way you will save more energy, because light will not have to illuminate non stop for all night. Sensor can detect motion in 180 degree angle, so light will turn on even, if someone walks on side of the flood light. The motion sensor is adjustable, you can set sensitivity, so motion sensor will respond to larger or smaller object movement. Also flood lights on-time can be adjusted to illuminate for larger or smaller period of time, when motion is detected in front of the flood light.

This outdoor led flood light comes in durable cast aluminum corrosion resistant housing and will last for long time used outdoors. You can get this flood light in bronze or white colors. The manufacturer gives 5 year warranty for floodlight against mechanical defects. The led flood light can be mounted on eave or wall only. It can be mounted to recessed junction box only. The main advantages of Lithonia OFLR 9LC 120 are its level of brightness and illumination area and good looking design. You can be sure that this light will illuminate any area you need without a problem.

Lithonia OFLR 9LC 120 3-head LED flood light


Ledwholesalers 150W LED flood light

LEDWholesalers is a US based company that sell a multitude of light products from bulbs to flashlight and also Flood lights. This company specializes in LED products and they strive to get the best products with the best quality and they always care deeply for their customers.

This specific Floodlight i probably the strongest LED floodlight you can buy right now as it has a whopping 7000 lumen output and about 150W power input. This much power is not common in regular halogen lights, but a LED light this powerful is a real miracle. Because this company has managed to separate the diodes in three distinct 50 W chips they do not heat up that much and will probably last longer than the rated 50000 hours and that is simply astonishingly large number for a flood light. The light itself has an all metal waterproof and weatherproof casing and a really sturdy feel as the whole fixture weighs about 20 pounds (9 kg) and that king of weight you won’t find in any regular LED floodlight.

Basically this light can replace a 400+ Watt halogen flood light and that means you get huge savings in energy and also in the course of this bulbs lifetime you would have changed multiple regular incandescent of Halogen lights that also cost money! Overall this is a great and really powerful light that can cover about 111 feet x 33 feet (34 meters x 10 meters) and in that distance everything will be easy to spot and bright! I imagine that the price could be a bit too big for some buyers but for early technology adapter this will be one of the best purchases.


Ledwholesalers 55 Watt LED outdoor floodlight

This again is one of the LEDwholesalers flood lights. The look is similar to other LEDwholesaler flood lights, not anything fancy, but doing its job great. This particular led flood light is the middle way between small 10 watt flood light and impressive power 150 watt lamp. The bulb voltage is 120 volts. This flood light has got 55 watt power, which is similar to 300 – 500 watt halogen light. The light output is approx. 3300 lumens.

Overall, this is really useful floodlight if you need to illuminate a larger area than your front door, shed or similar places. As this flood light is really bright, it will be capable to illuminate larger signs, statues, flags or other landscape areas. You can use it to illuminate your backyard, driveway, parking lot and similar large areas. Actually it is so bright, that you cannot look directly into the lamp, because of its bright light point source. All leds are placed into a tiny square, which makes very high light concentration in small spot and may harm your eyes, if you look directly into the light from small distance. Light angle is 120 degrees and maximum coverage area is approximately 80 x 30 square feet (24 x 10 square meters). The light itself is quite large compared to its smaller 10 watt predecessor, so you have to consider, if its size fits your needs. The dimensions are WxDxH – 11.2 x 9.3 x 5.8 inches (28.4 x 23.6 x 14.7 cm).

The led flood light produces warm white light with little yellow in the light, not usual to regular LEDs blue looking light. As other LEDwholesaler lights, this also is quality and durable light. You can use it outdoors without any problems, as it has waterproof aluminum housing and 4mm durable glass in the front. This led flood light can be more useful with motion detector, as you can adjust the sensor to turn the light on only when motion is detected in front of the light. Overall this is a great outdoor led flood light for anyone, who needs to illuminate larger objects like flags, signs and others, or different landscape areas like driveway, backyard or  walkways.

 Ledwholesalers 55 Watt LED outdoor floodlight

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