Top 5 Solar LED Landscape lights

What are Landscape lights?

Landscape light are light fixtures that illuminate your garden and house in the night to give you a semi-daytime feel and also light up the best parts of your house to show them off. Usually when you have worked hard to create the best garden on your street and your houses architecture is top notch then you want to show it off in the daytime as well nighttime and here comes in these LED landscape lights.

Landscape solar powered lights?

Solar powered lights give you the benefit of not wasting any electricity at all and all you need is sun to recharge those batteries that run your light through the night. Basically you buy this lamp and you don’t need any additional payment for electricity or repairs because they usually have LED diodes that are long lasting and have great energy efficiency. Solar lights are fastly becoming popular in urban as well as countryside house lighting in the landscape illumination arena and quite frankly who doesn’t want free light with just a single one-time payment?

Landscape floodlights?

Floodlights if we compare them to spotlights disperse the light more widely to illuminate greater areas and they also have to be more powerful to illuminate larger objects and that is why floodlights usually have much more diodes than those spotlights and when you turn them both on you can immediately see the difference. Floodlights are great landscape lights as they illuminate wide areas and can be placed fairly closely to those objects that need illumination. And because almost all of them have those Light Emitting Diodes(LED) they can disperse that light even more widely as LED’s usually have very wide illumination angle that is absolutely ideal for landscape lighting.

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ImageNameBuild qualityBattery capacity(mAh)Price
MicroSolar 28 LED544
Tektrum 30454
Reusable Revolution 10854.53
MAXSA Innovation 10 hour light4.53.53.5
Solar Goes Green 156 diode light552

Top 5 Light comparison

MAXSA Innovation 10 hour MAXSA Innovation 10 hour solar floodlight – This is the weakest floodlight in our TOP but what it lacks in light intensity it gains back in working time as it can run for more than 13 hours non-stop with a full battery and that is something you won’t see on many flood lights. This light has also those regular AA batteries that you can easily change when they run out of recharge cycles and the manufacturer – MAXSA Innovation is well known for their amazing flood lights and this fixture is not an exception and can make this company proud being one of the longest lasting solar floodlights on the market. However this light is made mainly from plastic so that could be a problem for some and also the fact that it has no remote On/Off switches can become annoying and also the price is a bit bigger than next two contenders but overall it is the best light if you need a long lighting options in the winter months when days get shorter or you like to party all night and need an energy-efficient fixture to illuminate your back-yard!

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MicroSolar 28 LED Solar Outdoor FloodlightMicroSolar 28 LED – This 28 LED diode flood light from MicroSolar is the second weakest light if we measure by the light output intensity but this light has other advantages like aluminum body, possibility to run all night and a ground mounted solar panel that makes it stand out from the rest of those landscape fixtures. This Floodlight is made by a company that creates different flood and spot-lights and have a great design staff that also designed and made this light. This MicroSolar light is great for small object illumination but will definitely be too weak to light anything bigger and you need a few of these to get a decent light output for your garden but if you need a dimmer and cheaper option then this is not a bad light! And you can always have more fixtures placed around the garden and have multiple light-sources that will give your garden a completely different look and feel.

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Tektrum 30 Diode flood light

Tektrum 30 Diode flood light – Tektrum solar powered flood light is the third strongest light in our top 5 list and those 30 LED diodes give off a very bright light and that 10 hour work time is just amazing. The fact that this light has a built in light meter also gives it a big plus because you don’t need to do anything and it will turn on automatically every night as well as will turn off and save energy when the sun starts shining! This light is made by a company that has been around for almost 10 years in the light designing and making business and that means that this floodlight has great build quality and it feels strong and rigid. And apart from that low light output we don’t see any other drawbacks to this fixture.

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Reusable Revolution 108 LED

Reusable Revolution 108 LED(Ground Mounted fixture) – This is the second brightest light on our landscape light Top 5 and it has a whopping 108 LED diodes that are powered by a huge 12 V 7Ah rechargeable battery. This light has a unique design and an ingenious raised-up design so you can get those light beams more directly on any object and that strong solar panel can recharge that huge battery in less than a day. Manufacturer – Reusable Revolutions is a well known solar flood light maker with their strong line of flood lights that usually run for a couple of hours but spew out light comparable to plug-in lights. This floodlight has great light output but because of that it will run out of juice faster and won’t be able to shine all night and the price is a bit more bigger than the previous 3 lights.

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156 diode light

Solar Goes Green 156 diode light – This is the best light on this TOP list in almost all categories except the price as this light can run for 10 to 12 hours , it has a 20 W solar panel and it has the brightest light output of all these landscape floodlights and it is around 200W! Basically this light is in the next level of solar flood lighting options and it really produces as much light as a regular non-solar floodlight , can shine all night and does that all completely free on the power generated by our biggest energy source – the SUN. This light has a great warranty, it is built from aluminum and has strong ground stakes. Another great feature is that it also has a light meter that detects when the overall ambient light level is too low and turn the flood light ON. The only downside that I see is the price and that can repel some buyers but in my opinion a one-time investment is nothing comparable to the cost of running a regular flood light every night and pay for the electricity!

And this is why as the best overall light and as our Top pick nominates the 156 LED diode Solar Goes Green light because it is the best overall fit for any lanscape lighting options and it is better in almost every aspect that can be measured. Basically we always strive to get the best so a great product like this will definitely not disappoint you!

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