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  • 600 lumen light output
  • 2200 mAh battery capacity
  • Two adjustable bulb heads
  • The whole fixture is mainly made from plastic

XEPA PSO1W solar powered floodlight is a full dusk till dawn light that provides you with 600 lumens of light with two separate 5W LED diodes each enclosed in its own bulb head. This light has the capacity to create light that is equivalent to 60W incandescent bulb and it does that completely free with only the power from the sun.

xepa 600 lumen light fixture

XEPA Technologies manufactured 600 lumen light has two parts where one is the light fixture with the motion sensor but the other is that solar panel. The light fixture itself has the dimensions of 8.3 inches  x 4.5 inches x 7.5 inches (211 mm x 114 mm x 190 mm) so it is not that big and every inch of this fixture has its purpose as in the middle there is a battery  and at the top there are two bulb heads but at the bottom there is that motion sensor. This whole fixture is in a white color and is made from aluminum and plastic. It can be attached to any surface with two screws and is not adjustable but those bulb heads as well as that motion sensor can be adjusted afterwards.

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Those two bulb heads have two 180 degree hinges so they can be adjusted to almost 360 degree angle and they both have that 5 W LED diodes inside that are capable of creating up to 300 lumen light output and together that makes them capable of supplying 600 lumens of light that can illuminate a very wide area. Both these heads are made from aluminum but those hinges are mainly plastic but don’t be afraid as they have a reasonable amount of thickness there and they feel really strong and rigid. Those bulb heads are covered with glass covers that have a pattern that will allow that light to be more dispersed and the inside of that bulb head is coated with reflective material so more light is produced outward. This light has a color temperature of 6500K so it will be more daylight mode that is energizing not that yellow one that usually feels quite calm and mellow.

xepa pso1w iluminatingIf we look downwards then there is that light meter or detector that allow this light to only light up when the ambient light level around it drops and that means there is no sun and you will probably need artificial lighting. Then further down that fixture there is that motion sensor that is capable of detecting light up to 50 feet (15 meters) away from this floodlight and in a 160 degree angle so you will be able to activate this light from various different sides and that can be a big advantage. This motion sensor can also be moved around as it is located on a hinge that can be adjusted to your liking.

There is also a switch that allows you to turn this light completely off or on but it also has a test mode to check if everything is working properly. The light can stay on for up to 14 hours and that is a really long amount of time but this time need to be divided by 1 minute intervals as it is the time this light stays on when some motion is detected. If we look at that battery inside that fixture it has the capacity of 2200 mAh and it is a 7.4 V power supply but it consists of two replaceable separate batteries so you can replace them if their recharge cycles run out.

xepa pso1w whole light with solar pannel

The power to this battery is supplied by a solar panel that is a separate fixture and has the dimensions of 7 inches x 6 inches x 0.6 inches (178 mm x 152 mm x 15 mm) and it is 12V 3W Monocrystalline panel that is capable of recharging that 2200 mAh battery in one full day of sunlight. This panel also has a plastic outer casing and it is attaches to any surface with 4 different screws and then can be maneuvered around on that single rotatable hinge. You should be able to position in the best position possible to get the most out of sunlight but this will also means that you need to adjust and clean this panel at least twice a year so that the performance does not decrease as the sun changes the trajectory and as dust and other residue collects on that panel. There is also a 15 feet (4.5 meters) cable that connects this solar panel and the light fixture so you will be able to put it anywhere you like in that range.


Overall this is a very great light with amazing functionality so you will be able enjoy bright light that can be turned on with that motion sensor and that is completely free to run. There is also an instruction manual and wall anchors as well as screws included in the purchase. The manufacturer gives you a one year limited warranty and the price is also reasonable for a product like this.

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