User rating
  • Reasonable price
  • Detachable solar panel
  • Mounting brackets and screws included
  • Small motion detection range
  • Only 100 minute work time


SW Closeout is a company that is based in Garden Grove, California USA and that is an importer of many different gadgets, lighting options and other technologies. SW Closeout also has an e-shop where you can buy all their products and one of their categories is floodlights that include this 36 LED diode light.


SW Closeout motion activated floodlight is a solar powered 36 LED diode floodlight that is able to provide up to 100 minutes of light with a full battery charge completely free with the power of sun.

SW Closeout has created a floodlight that can be mounted anywhere you like and the light fixture itself is a very universal one as it has a small size and a black plastic casing. This fixture also has those 36 LED diodes enclosed in a see-through plastic cover that has some added elements that make it more likely to disperse light and also the shape of it is made specially to disperse that light that comes from those diodes as usually diodes give you a very narrow angle light and that can be a big problem if you need a proper floodlight. This light fixture mounts onto any surface with two screws and can be adjusted to your liking after that. Because it has an universal mounting mechanism it can be fitted anywhere you like including flat surfaces, horizontal walls and flagpoles. This fixture also accommodates that motion sensor that is able to detect motion in around a 100 degree angle and in a radius of around 177 inches (4.5 meters). This of course is not that far away and you won’t be able to put this light up onto your garage door and get a motion activation as you drive our car inside but it can be great for dark pathways inside the house or also on top of any door or any other place you can think off.

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sw closeout 36 led floodlight

Then there is also a solar panel that has the dimensions of 4.5 inches x 3.5 inches (11.43 cm x 8.89 cm) and that of course is not that much but is enough to give power to that battery and charge it up in one full day of sunlight. There is a secure wire going from the light fixture itself to this solar panel and that is about 16 feet (5 meters) long so you will be able to put your solar panel up anywhere you like in that radius and that also allows you to put this floodlight in shady areas but put your solar panel up on the roof or any other sunny spot. The solar panel has a similar shape than that light itself and it is also mountable on a wide range of places with that added benefit of attaching it to a flag-pole or any other beam with that included mounting bracket and screws that are also included in the package. As I mentioned before this battery powered light is able to shine for about 100 minutes that sounds like a small amount but this floodlight is not designed to be a dusk till dawn light and it has a mechanism that only turns it on for 5 to 30 seconds according to your likening. And if we take that number and  then find that it can light up for 100 minutes then that is a 200 lighting every night and I doubt that anyone needs that many bathroom breaks or any other action done at night that need solar motion floodlight to power up.

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Overall I feel that this light is a very great buy as it has a reasonable price and the performance is acceptable but I would be careful with that small motion sensor range as it can become increasingly annoying that you need to be very close to your light to get it to work.