User rating
  • Bright, illuminates large area
  • Adjustable settings
  • Adjustable motion sensor
  • Long power cord
  • Sunforce companies good customer service<
  • Easy installation
  • Low price
  • Light only turns up and down not to sides
  • Mounting hardware is made from plastic
  • Adjustable sensitivity may not work


Sunforce 82156 60 LED Solar Motion Light is manufactured by SunForce Products Inc. They are well known company in manufacturing and distributing many solar powered products worldwide. Company was established in 2003 and is based in North America, but has got offices in Asia, South America and Europe.

Sunforce 82156Review

This Sunforce LED flood light comes together with solar panel, which grants that light will work with solar power and no other power source is needed. It also comes with motion detector that can sense motion in front of the light and turn the light on immediately. This can be useful as security light option for your house, garage, shed or any other place. Motion detector helps to save more energy at night, because light does not need to be working all the time, it is turned on only when motion is detected and that way can provide light for all night.

Solar powered flood light comes together with 1W, 6V amorphous solar panel. Amorphous solar panels converts sunlight into an electric current. They can generate electricity also in cloudy and shady whether. Also 5 x AA rechargeable batteries are included, which provides light with power at night or dark and are charged with solar panel. Flood light has 60 LED lights built in that guarantees bright light and long life, as LED diodes have much longer lifetime than other bulbs. Weight of light is 2.87 lbs and it comes with ABS plastic and aluminium body case. Work time is set to be 30 minutes, 72 times, one time lighting 25 seconds which is about average for most of Solar LED flood lights in this price category.

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  • to be charged fully 3 days before use;
  • testing immediately to ensure that everything works as expected. If something is not working or light is faulty, there is 30 day return policy for amazon and 1 year guarantee from manufacturer.

Features listed from manufacturer:

Powerful lighting and detection

  • 60 white LED diodes can brighten up any desired area;
  • 850 lumen output;
  • Motion detection distance is about 30 feet and range for detection is 180 degrees.

Customizable settings

  • LUX – level of darkness for light to turn on;
  • TIME – how long will the light continue to illuminate;
  • SENS – sensitivity of motion detector, determines range where motion detection is working.

Easy installation

  • Solar power panel ensures that no need for wires or main power is needed;
  • Easy installation everywhere, just need to screw solar panel in sunny place, and attach mounting panel to wall or other vertical surface with screws provided;
  • Install instructions are also included in package or can be found in manufacturers website.

Solar panel and charging specifics

  • Solar panel charges through day and then can be used at night to power the flood light;
  • Amorphous solar panel can be installed anywhere needed and is weather resistant and can be used outdoors also when its raining;
  • Amorphous solar panel can work in cloudy and shady places.

Here are listed the main advantages and disadvantages that you can expect provided by users, when purchasing Sunforce 82156 LED solar powered motion flood light.

Advantages from Users

  • Bright, illuminates large area – light is known to have good level of brightness because of 60 white LED diodes. That is more than enough to illuminate relatively large area at your front door, backyard, garage or other places (about 30 feet).
  • Adjustable – on/off/auto – Solar LED flood light has got adjustable settings for light to be turned only on/off or auto, which means that it will be turned on only when motion is detected at front of the light;
  • Adjustable motion sensor – up/down/left/right – motion sensor can be turned in all directions that helps best to detect motion in desired area. In opposite to light, which can be turned only up and down;
  • Long power cord – it means that you can place solar panel more further (about 10-12 feet) from light in safe and sunny place to receive maximum efficiency from solar panel;
  • Sunforce companies good customer service – if light gets faulty, they have 1 year warranty and good customer service if return and replacement for light is needed;
  • Very easy to install – practically no wires, basically, you just need to screw light and solar panels mounting on the wall or other place and that is all installation work needed;
  • Low price – compared to different solar powered flood lights, considering lights adjustable options, motion detector, brightness and other advantages.

Disadvantages from Users

  • Light only turns up and down not to sides – probably the biggest complaint by light users. It may need an extra mounting, because it can not turn from side to side and cannot turn straight down to illuminate area right below the light;
  • Mounting hardware is made from plastic which is not as durable as aluminium cover for the light. Mounting hardware may need some waterproof cover to improve lifetime and protect it from rust if used outdoors;
  • Mounting screws may need to be changed to better quality screws in some cases;
  • Adjustable sensitivity may not work in some cases as it should. It stays on in Auto mode even if it is turned off, and turns on also when motion is detected at daylight and settings can not be changed. However, this problem may work itself when battery is drained and light turns off and afterwards when charged, the Auto mode can be switched to on or off mode with no problems.


Although there might be some problems with the light, it still is probably the best LED solar flood light available for the price with its awesome features like qualitative Amorphous solar panel, high sensitivity motion detector, 60 LED diode brightness, adjustable lighting settings and motion detectors position, and other features. If there are any problems, getting a replacement would not be a problem since SunForce company and amazon has good customer services and replacement policies.

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