User rating
  • 3 AA rechargable batteries
  • 4 hour work time in half light mode
  • Seperate solar panel
  • Beautiful design
  • Cheap price
  • Only 30 lumen light output
  • No motion detector
  • Made from plastic

L949 light fixture working

This Designers Edge L949 Solar flood light is a stylish floodlight for use in sheds or to light your front porch with those 10 bright LED diodes that can last up to 100000 hours. This light has a separate solar panel and light so you can put that solar panel in the most sunny spot in a 16 feet (4.8m) range from the main fixture. That separate solar panel is great if you want to put this floodlight in your shed but need to put that solar panel on the roof to get the best and the longest direct sunlight to fully recharge those batteries.

Talking about batteries this floodlight has 3 AA rechargeable battery slots and that is a really great feature as you will be able to easily exchange those batteries when they fail at about every two years. These rechargeable AA batteries are also included in the purchase so for the first 2 to 3 years you wont need to add any extra expenses to that light and it will run fully autonomously of that solar power generated by that remote panel.

This solar panel is made from multi-crystal layers and can create enough energy to recharge those 3 batteries in one day and that is great if you need to get a full charge every night! But just be careful and don’t expect a fully charged batteries if you have a very cloudy day or have some snow or other residue blocking the sunlight from penetrating that panel and creating electricity! I would advise to climb up to that panel every two months or so and cleane it with a wet towel so any dust or other residue would not block that precious sunlight and you could get fully recharged batteries every single day. And also when you are up there you can adjust the solar panel to get better light as the SUN is not in the same place all year and if you change that panels orientation with the sun you will get faster recharges.

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Apart from maintaining that solar panel clean there is not much else to do with this light and it will run without any other work requiered from your side. Then there are also switches so you can turn it on or off and also change the power settings. In the factory state this light shines all those 10 diodes production about 30 lumens (3 lumens per bulb) and at that power the light will shine for about two hours. But there is an option to switch half of those diodes off and run on only 5 diodes that will extend that work time to 4 hours of continuous lighting but decreas the light output in half. But of course these times can only be achieved with fully recharged batteries so be sure to place that solar panel in a sunny spot! But if we talk more about that light fixture then I must also mention that plastic light disperser that is on those LED diodes. This device will act as a light disperser and will scatter that direct light those diodes make and will light up all of the surrounding area not just the beneath few meters.

L949 from Designers EdgeTip: I can encourage you to look for bigger power density AA batteries that could extend that work time even more but they could also add to the total cost so this is the choice you will need to make yourself.

The whole fixture and that solar panel are made from grey plastic that is weather and water proof and is rated for outside use so it should hold up against any common weather patterns as snowstorms / rainfalls and hard winds. The light fixture can be fixed with two screws but the solar panel with 4 screws and that solar panel can also be adjusted after the initial set-up to get more direct sunlight as I mentioned before!

Overall this is a great fixture for places where you don’t need bright light and can get by with only 30 lumen bulb. But if that is too low light amount you could always order another solar powered light and set them both up and get double the light! If you got interested in this fixture i would advise you to go and check the full description and price HERE!