User rating
  • 780 lumens
  • 7 Ah battery
  • 10 hour work time
  • Expensive

Solar Goes Green 156 LED diode floodlight is the top of the line light that will give you 780 lumen output for up to 10 hours from that 7 Ah Lithium Ion battery. This is a very powerful solar powered floodlight that is completely enclosed in Aluminum housing so it is completely waterproof and what is even better is that this light consists of three separate fixtures where one is the bullhead, the second is that motion sensor but the third is that powerful solar panel. They are all connected with waterproof cables and can be mounted up to 9 feet (2,7 meters) apart from each other.

Solar Goes Green 156 LED light fixtureBulb Head

The bulb head itself is manufactured from high strength aluminum and it houses 156 High power SMD LED diodes that will give you a constant 780 lumen output. This bulb head is created with very precise manufacturing methods and it has an energy efficient design that will radiate all heat away from those LED diodes to extend their lifespan and increase the efficiency. These LED diodes that are arranged in six rows where each row has 26 diodes will illuminate a distance of 30 x 50 feet (9 x 15 meters) with a powerful light that creates about 780 lumens. That means every one of those diode produces around 5 lumen output and because they are arranged in that distinct arrangement they will create a great overall floodlight. These bulbs are enclosed in a high reflectivity aluminum reflector that will ensure you will get all of that light shining out of the fixture and will not be absorbed in there. Those diodes and reflector is covered with tempered glass  to ensure their protection from environmental factors as well as heavy rainstorms and also hail storms.

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Motion Sensor

This Solar Goes Green floodlight has a great feature as it has a separate motion sensor that will be able to detect motion in a 180 degree angle in that whole distance that the light illuminates. On this separate motion sensor there is a digital display that allows you to easily dial those three knobs that allow you to adjust the motion sensor sensitivity, the light meter sensitivity as well as the lighting time how long the light will stay on when the motion sensor is triggered. This motion sensor can be put anywhere in that 9 feet (2,7 meter) distance and that is a very great thing to have a separate motion sensor as you can mount it where it is most needed and put the light up to illuminate that area from a separate angle.

Solar panel

This Solar Floodlight also come equipped with a Polycrystalline solar panel that will be able to recharge that battery located behind that panel. This Polycrystalline panel has the dimensions of 17,7 inches x 14,1 inches (45 cm x 36 cm) so it is not your typical small scale solar panel. But that is expected from a panel that will give you 18 volts and 20 Watts of peak power supply. This solar panel is manufactured to be able to recharge 12V Lithium Ion Battery (LiFePo4). Li-ion battery has the power capacity of an amazing 7 Ah and that is maybe the biggest battery that I have seen installed in a solar floodlight fixture.

This battery is sealed in aluminum and it can produce up to 12 Volts of power so there should be no problem with the power supply for those 156 Diodes. This Panel consists of two foldable half’s and that means it is very portable and because of that aluminum housing it is also waterproof and weather resistant.

Overall this is a very convincing solar floodlight from Solar Goes Green company with that powerful light output and battery as well as that huge solar panel but what is unique about this light is that remote control that allows you to turn on or off this light when you need to. A remote is a really great feature and I am surprised why no other company has thought about this feature. All in all I really like this light and it is by far it is one of the most durable and powerful solar powered floodlights. The only problem I have with this light is the price as it is also very big but considering all those features I really think this three part floodlight fixture is worth that money.

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