User rating
  • Low price
  • Bright
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very easy installation
  • Simple look and suitable design
  • Light can not be adjusted up or down
  • Battery life
  • Cheap plastic
  • Rear motion sensor failure


All Pro Outdoor Security MSLED100 100-Degree LED Motion-Activated Solar Light is manufactured by Cooper lighting company. They are providing all kinds of high quality and innovative lighting fixtures to worldwide commercial, residential and industrial markets. They are committed to customer first attitude and try to fulfill all customers needs. Cooper Lighting are one of the largest in North America LED, fluorescent, H.I.D, exit and emergency, vandal-resistant, landscape and complex environment lighting manufacturers.

MSLED100 solar flood light reviewReview

MSLED100 outdoor security flood light comes with built in solar panel that can charge battery for up to 3 hours of nonstop usage. This may not sound as much as other solar powered lights are offering, but you must remember that solar panel for this lamp is built on the flood light and they come in one piece. Other addition for this light is built in 100 degree motion sensor and light sensor. Motion sensor can detect movement in front of the light and turn the light on immediately and light sensor prevents this from happening in daylight to save more energy for night usage and turns light on only at dark part of a day. As power storage MSLED100 uses 3 NI-MH AA rechargeable batteries. Different from other solar flood lights that have specific batteries or many together wired batteries that are hard to change, batteries for this flood light can easily be find at local electronics store and changed after they have worn out. All this, solar panel, motion and light sensor, 3 AA batteries as power source, and two 100 volt LED bulbs, put together in weather-resistant plastic casing makes this a very practical, enjoyable, durable, energy efficient and bright enough solar flood light that can meet all your expectations for LED solar flood light. In addition, price is one of its biggest advantages, because this is one of the cheapest solar flood lights currently available on the market.

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Features listed by manufacturer

Here are the main features of MSLED100 listed by the manufacturer.

Motion sensor – Motion sensor detects motion in 100 degree range and up to 23 feet in front of the light.

Weather-resistant – Floodlight is made with plastic casing that is durable to resist different kinds of weather conditions.

Easy installation – There is no wiring needed to install this flood light, light is very easy to set up and additional instructions are included with light and are found in manufacturers website.

Solar Panel – Built in solar panel that charges batteries, no other power source is needed, saves money and uses alternative energy.

Three “AA” battery power source – As a power source three “AA” batteries are used and charged by solar panel and can produce 3h nonstop work time when fully charged.

Bright white LEDs – Flood light uses two 100 volt bright LEDs to illuminate area.

Auto “one minute on” settings and also “on” and “off” settings –Light provides three basic settings:
Auto – turns light one for one minute, when motion is detected in front of the light at night;
On – turns light on completely;
OFF – turns light off completely.

Here are listed and described in details the advantages and disadvantages by users who have purchased MSLED100 solar flood light.


  • Low price – Probably the biggest advantage of this solar powered flood light compared to other lights. Cheap price and solar panel makes this a very popular motion flood light for people to purchase;
  • Brightness – Brightness produced by this solar lamp is more than what you might expect from a solar flood light. And also it illuminates quite large area, more than 20 feet, which is sufficient for front door, backyard, shed, garage and different similar place illumination.
  • Easy to maintain – Rechargeable AA batteries can easily be accessed and changed, and also they can be found in all electronics store and supermarkets and no special, hard to find batteries are not required.
  • Very easy installation – Mounting only has two screws, installation is very easy and install instructions are clear and understandable. Also it comes with unique key that locks the lamp into its place and that prevents it from falling down of the mounting.
  • Simple look and suitable design – Flood light has got a simple look and design, because every part of it is fit together in one light – solar panel, motion sensor and flood light itself. This all together look can be more suitable for different places than when each addition of light comes as a separate part.


  • Light can not be adjusted up or down – if you want your light to illuminate certain area you need to put the light in definite position. There is no possibility to adjust light up or down. If better illumination for area is needed then light should be placed higher up to produce more light to larger area in front of it.
  • Battery life – battery work time is 3 hours with one charge, some people find this to be less than needed, but with built in motion sensor, work time for light can be increased to go over night with one charge, and in such price range, their work time is not really a complaint.
  • Cheap plastic – Some people may find plastic cover to look cheap but again at this price range solar flood lights mostly comes in plastic case.
  • Rear motion sensor failure – some light users report failure of motion sensor. However this can be quickly stated and light can be returned and changed to other thanks to warranty.

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This compact, all in one set, solar powered flood light is certainly an option to consider if you are new to solar powered lights and just want to try a cheap, well packed and a good looking solar flood light or need a decent flood light for you home, backyard, garage or any other place you need to illuminate and do not want to spend money on electricity or some advanced and expensive solar flood light, which you probably do not need for your home.

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