User rating
  • 900 lumen output
  • 2000 mAh Lithium rechargeable battery
  • External solar panel
  • Has a motion sensor
  • Price is a bit too high
  • Made mainly from plastic

This MicroSolar 128 LED floodlights is one of the floodlights that MicroSolar creates and it is a motion activated, LED powered floodlight that has 2000 mAh internal rechargeable battery, external solar panel and LUX as well as motion sensors.


Microsolar floodlight is designed after the popular 42 LED micro solar light that has the same basic functionality except it has no motion sensor and no light meter because it is not designed that way. This 128 LED model also has that half circle joint that allows the user to maneuver the light up and down in a parabolic shape because one end of that half circle is attached to the mounting bracket but the other is fastened to the fixture itself. This light is mainly created from plastic and metal but the solar panel and the motion sensor are both created from plastic and the mounting bracket is also plastic. The overall shape and size of this light is not bulky at all as it has the dimensions of 11.4 inches x 7.4 inches x 4.9 inches (27.9 cm x 17.7 cm x 12.4 cm) and it weighs 1.7 pounds (770 grams). The color of all parts is black because they are all finished off with water resistant paint to increase the fixtures durability and also to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

MicroSolar 128 LEDThe bulb head or the light fixture itself is made from plastic but the front cover is metallic and that is because it needs to hold properly that glass cover that protects bulbs from moisture and other environmental factors. On the other side of that glass there are 128 – 7 lumen LED diodes that are arranged in 8 rows where each row has 16 diodes. Behind these diodes there is a white painted plastic that reflects all the light outward and gives this floodlight a great contrast between those black and white colors.

The overall design is similar to a lot of ordinary solar floodlights and there are not that many differences if we compare only the aesthetic outer look but there are some differences in the inner workings of this floodlight.

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As the functionality goes this 128 LED Micro Solar floodlight is a real master peace of research and development combined with manufacturing and low price. This solar floodlight has three distinct parts that should be examined and they are the bulb head itself, the motion sensor and external solar panel and I will try to explain some aspects of each of these:

Bulb head

The bulb-head is the main feature of any light source as it is the thing that produces light and will be the most useful part of this fixture. In this particular solar floodlight the bulb head contains 128 LED diodes that give off a combined light output of 900 lumens and that is the equivalent of a 60W incandescent light bulb. This light that is produced has the color temperature of 5000K and that means it is a daylight(white) light that will not skew colors and will create a white, even color spectrum. This light also has the color rendering index of 75 and when it is lit those diodes consume only 6W of power and that means that the lumen to watt ratio, in this amazing light, is 150 lumens per watt and that is an amazing feat of engineering! If we consider that even the most modern fluorescent lights can get only about 100 lumen per watt efficiency then we can see just how good the LED technology really is.

If we talk about the bulb head then we also need to mention the internal rechargeable battery that is incorporated behing the bulb head in the same fixture and that has a capacity of 2000 mAh. This Lithium ion battery is designed to work for up to 3 years. This battery will give your light a lighting time of 200 minutes or 3.3 hours of continuous light but it can extend up to 200 activation times if you reduce the lighting time to 60 seconds. This will be enough for your nightly activities and most often you will not use even half of those activation numbers but it is great to know that you have the capacity if you ever need it.

Motion sensor

MicroSolar 128 LED motion sensorThe motion sensor is also a intricate part of the whole system as this light is designed also as a security light and will trigger when even the slightest motion is detected in that detection range. This motion sensor gets activated as soon as the light meter signals it to do so and that is when the ambient light level around the light drops to a certain lumen per square inch level. When this happens the motion sensor starts looking for movement and as soon as it gets that movement it triggers a switch that connects the bulb head with the battery and it starts producing light instantly and without any delays. This motion sensor also acts as a control switch for all the options you can adjust like the motion sensitivity and the light level necessary for activation as well as the lighting interval after each trigger that can be anywhere from 3 seconds to 10 minutes. Because this motion sensor also sits on a rotatable hinge it can be maneuvered anywhere you like and that can be a really great thing as you can move the motion sensor sideways but keep the light straight!

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Solar panel

MicroSolar 128 LED plastic solar pannelMicro Solar has created this fixture with a separate solar panel that will ensure that rechargeable built in battery will be always full and will give you light every evening and throughout the night. This solar panel uses the polycrystalline technology and it creates up to 2 W of power in peak sunlight so it will be able to recharge that battery in no time at all! The panel itself is made from plastic and can be attached to a surface with 4 screws that go through the base of it. A great feature is the lengthy (5 m) wire that connects this panel and the light fixture that will allow you to attach this solar panel anywhere in that 5 m diameter and allow it to be placed in the most optimum lighting conditions.

Overall this is a really great light source and because it is manufactured by a well known brand like Micro solar it will stand the test of time and will not disappoint you!

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