User rating
  • 878 lumen output from 16 LED diodes
  • 4 Ah internal rechargeable battery
  • Separate solar panel
  • Made from plastic
  • Price is a bit too high

Maxsa Innovations 44640 solar motion activated security light is a LED floodlight that will give you almost 900 lumen light output and will keep working for 120 times when lit with half a minute intervals. Maxsa has designed this solar floodlight to have a great and beautiful design as well as a very great functionality and the build quality as well as performance are amazing. This light has been created entirely from plastic so that may be a drawback in some eyes, but it seems very well built and the plastic is in a grey metallic color so you can’t really tell from a distance that it is not made from metal. This whole light is made from two separate parts where one is the solar panel and the other is the light fixture itself that has a bulb head, internal battery as well as motion sensor and LUX meter. Both these two separate parts are connected with a water-proof wire that has the length of 15 feet( 5 meters) so you will be able to place them both apart to get the best possible lighting and solar panel recharge options.

MAXSA Innovations 44640

Solar Panel

This solar panel is an amorphous solar panel that can generate electricity in almost all weather conditions from sunny days to rainstorms as Sun’s power is always there and even with a completely cloudy day it is estimated that 60 or 70 % or the total sun’s energy reaches the ground and this panel can capture some of that energy. An amorphous technology uses a glass structure that has a coated top layer that in fact can turn that solar light into electricity. This solar panel is strong enough to recharge that internal battery in less than a day of intense sunlight so even with clouded skies you will receive a fair amount or charge and will be able to power your light in the night.

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This floodlight has an internal rechargeable Lead acid battery that is custom built for this 44640 Maxsa floodlight model and it has a 6 Volt 4 Ah capacity that will ensure your solar floodlight will work for up to 60 minutes of continuous working mode or will give you 120 times 30 second lighting intervals if used with the solar motion sensor. This battery is fairly heavy considering that capacity and that means you will need to secure this floodlight properly so it would not break or fall down.


The light or the bulb head of this floodlight is located at the top of the whole light fixture combo and it sits on a rotatable hinge so you will be able to position that head in any direction you need the light. This fixture feels really big but it is purpose built to give off maximum power from those 16 LED diodes. Each of these LED diodes gives off around 0.5 W of power and together they create a light that has the lumen output of 878 and that is considered a fair amount for a solar floodlight fixture. All those 16 diodes are positioned in a ring shape so you would get an even better and concentrated light but the cover or the protective plastic is designed to create a real floodlight by dispersing the light in all angles. This cover has a matted finish so it is not clear and that means more light dissipation in all directions and a better floodlight.

Motion sensor

The motion sensor of this floodlight is also mounted at the bottom of the whole light fixture like it is in many other security flood lights but this sensor has a 180 degree motion detection range and that means it will be able to turn your floodlight on from any motion in front of the light. The motion detection range is not stated but it feels like some 20 to 30 feet (6 to 10 meters) and you also have the chance to adjust the sensitivity and position of this sensor to your liking. This motion sensor is also linked with a LUX or light meter that will signal the motion sensor when the ambient light level is below a certain threshold and it can power on. This will save the light from turning on in daylight and will automatically power it on at the evening.

Overall this is a great solar floodlight from Maxsa and it is one of the most powerful models your money can buy with that 878 lumen output and 4 Ah battery capacity. It is really convenient to have a motion sensor and a separate solar panel and the mounting of both the solar panel and the light itself is very easy and hustle free.

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