User rating
  • 15000 lumen output,
  • 100 lumen/watt efficiency,
  • More than 45000 hour lifespan,
  • Creates white light (5000K - 6500K)
  • Needs to be hardwired

LEDWholesalers-150WLED Wholesalers 3710 flood light is this company’s most powerful floodlight option and with 150W power output this may be the most powerful LED floodlights on the market today. This light has the dimensions of 19.7 x 18.2 x 14.3 (50 cm x 46.2 cm x 36.3 cm) and considering that there are 150-1W diodes inside that form factor it is astonishing how they have managed to create such a small light that can effectively cool itself as most LED high power light fails because of overheating.

This company has managed to create a lighting solution that is enclosed in a weatherproof IP65 rated housing and that means it can operate in heavy sandstorms as well as heavy rainfalls and the rating states this light is completely protected from dust and it is stated that water jets will not harm this light at all. The lamp body is made from grey metal that is die casted to save space, materials and to provide better protection. This matted finnish metal enclosure also extend on the back side where the cooling vents are and in the lamp fixture itself but there is also a glass shield that protects those precious diodes from all the weather conditions keeping them in a predictable and safe environment. The glass protective shield is sealed with rubberized material all around the edger to get that full IP65 rating. Also mentioning in the exterior there is a holder leg that can make this light stand anywhere you want wether it is a ground mounted or wall mounted option, but if you are thinking about mounting this thing on a wall know that it is weighs about 20 pounds (9 kg) so be sure to get some proper mounting gear as there are no screws or other materials included in the package.

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This floodlight is intended to be applied in parks, shed lighting, larger backyard lighting and even some art object lighting but know that you will have to do the mounting process yourself or get a certified electrician to do this for you. This lamp can run on anywhere from 100 to 240V alternating current electricity sockets and it will draw about 150 Watts but because of that it can create up to 15000 lumen light output. And that means this light can and is better than any halogen, fluorescent or incandescent lights and is close to surpassing HID powered high wattage lamps but as a LED diode light this has many advantages over those other light technologies. This floodlight is rated to be able to run for about 45000 hours and that is more than 5 years continuous runtime. That means you can buy this light leave it running and after 5 years it will still be running unlike any other conventional bulbs that will soon enough fail so you will need to replace them. The light that this floodlight makes is rated in 5000K to 6500K and that is considered a White light and this light can cover an area of about 111 feet x 33 feet (34 x 10m) and this is the area where a bright light will be visible but a more faint light will travel much farther away. But because it is not that useful this is the default coverage area. Because this light has that weatherproof housing it is able to sustain temperatures ranging from -20C to about 40C but some degrees hotter or colder should not influence it that much and what is also interesting is that those diodes create about 120 degree light angle and that is considered to be a floodlight because the light quickly covers a vast distance but does not go far away like spotlights.

LEDWholesalers 150W light back viewOverall this is one of the best option for large scale lighting and because the heating mechanism does not get that hot you can install these in sheds and other semi-inside areas where you need constant illumination. I can recommend this light to anyone that wants to save energy, think about the environment and also save some money in the long run as after the first two years this light will have fully paid for itself and the rest will be even better savings.

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