User rating
  • Lasts through the night
  • Two heads allows to direct them anywhere you need to illuminate
  • Not the brightest light, but does the job of illuminating area very well
  • Good price
  • Easy to install
  • Motion sensor could detect motion more further, and could be more sensitive
  • No adjustable time on how long will the light be on
  • Plastic casing, but almost every light in this price range has got a plastic casing

LampLust Solar Two Directional SecurityManufacturer

Solar Two Directional Security Flood Light is manufactured by LampLust company. They have been around light business since 2002 and started their larger online light store in 2007. That is more over 10 years of experience in lighting business. They are offering different types of light products, starting from candles and table lamps, to different outdoor lights like landscape, flood lights, spot lights and others. Their main goal is to make more creative lights for everyone to enjoy them. Their lights can be great used in different parties and also will be perfect for any regular home usage. LampLust says that they make their lamps to be beautiful in design, simple and yet strong, and their provide pleasant atmosphere anywhere you want. This solar security floodlight is one of their outdoor series products. Lets see, what it is like and what function does it provide for us.


LampLust Solar Two Directional 36 Bright White LED Security Flood Light with Motion Activated Sensor is little different than other solar flood
lights we have reviewed so far. This motion light uses two heads instead of one regular. This means that these lights can point to two different places and illuminate them. Each head has got 18 bright LED diodes, total of 36 on both heads. 18 LED bulbs in one light may not seem much compared to other LED outdoor flood lights which have over 60 diodes, but that is enough to illuminate a decent area in front of the light and can be good used as front door light for your house. Solar Two Directional FloodlightThe light also has got a motion sensor so it can be used as a security light for your property. Infrared motion sensor can detect motion up to 20 feet in front of the light and at 120 degree angle around the sensor. Like I have mentioned before, solar flood lights are best with motion sensors not only because they can provide safety to your property, but also because they can prolong the work time of your solar light with one charge and your light do not have to illuminate all night without a stop. With motion sensor your light will probably be able to last all night with one charge. When motion is detected, this flood light will turn on for up to 45 seconds. The light also has a built in photo sensor that will detect the brightness around the floodlight to know when to activate the solar light, so it will probably be turned on at dusk or night, when you need it the most and will not be shining at day and wasting its battery energy. For collecting sun power and charging the batteries, this solar floodlights uses Amorphous silicon solar panel. It charges 3 AA rechargeable NI-CD batteries, which are also replaceable. This is good, because after few years a replacement will be needed for these batteries and AA battery can be found in almost every electrical store or supermarket. Other solar lights have got different types of batteries or accumulators, which are difficult to find, when batteries worn out and replacement is needed. Solar powered flood light also has got an on/off switch, to turn the light on or off when it is not needed. Floodlight comes with 16 foot cable that is long enough, to put the solar panel further away from the light in a place, where sunlight can reach it and charge the lights batteries. The size for this solar lamp is approximately 40 x 16 x 18 cm. In package there are Two Directional Solar lights with motion detector, solar panel, mounting screws, wall plugs and a cable to attach the solar panel to the flood light.

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LampLust two directional LED solar light


This solar powered flood light is great, whether you use it as a security light or just as a garden light. Two directional heads are also nice and you can illuminate two areas at the same time. Built quality of light is decent, but one drawback is that it is all plastic. Motion sensor does its job well, and 36 LED diodes can illuminate a decent area. The light is really easy to install and 16 foot cable can ensure that you can put the solar panel further from the light. One noticeable disadvantage is that the time, when flood light is on cannot be changed and should be a little longer. Other than that, the light is a great solar flood light for you home and garden, and with its cheap price, can be used as your main outdoor light at nights.

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