User rating
  • Trustable and known manufacturer
  • Illuminates decent area in front of light with just one bulb
  • Good detection range for motion sensor
  • Cheap plastic look
  • Does not come with mounting screws
  • May not be as bright as security flood light needs to be

HeathZenith SL-7210-WHManufacturer

The manufacturer of SL-7210-WH solar flood light is HeathCo company. This company manufactures different solar and motion powered products like security and decoration lighting, which are branded with Heath/Zenith brand. They are also known for making different motion activated lights and controls for lights. HeathCo is well known brand across the world and has sold lots of their innovative products in many countries. One thing that stands out this company is their innovative and well made products with attractive design that stands out from other competitor lights.


SL-7210-WH floodlight comes with solar panel and motion sensor. This means that flood light will work with energy collected from sun that charges built in batteries. You can use this solar flood light as security light with its motion detector. One of the best thing about this flood light is its motion sensor. Its sensor can detect motion in 180 degree angle. This is really useful thing if you need a security light for your property. 180 degree detection angle means that light will turn on, if it detects motion in front and on sides of the flood light. Another noticeable feature of this solar light is motions sensors detection zone, its 70 feet. Just few light offers such large detection angle, so this is another plus you will not find in many other solar security lights. Concluding motion sensor features, the sensitivity of detector can be adjusted, so it turns on only when large object is detected in front of the floodlight. This way no small things like bugs will not turn your floodlight on at night and consume its battery life. SL-7210-WH light also has got adjustable timer. You can adjust the light to illuminate 1, 5, 20 minutes, when motion is detected in front of the light.

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This floodlight only has got one white LED bulb. It is equipped with external solar panel, which can be attached to light with 15 foot long cord. The light itself look good, although is smaller than other solar security flood lights. The lights dimensions is 2x4x10 (lwh). Also manufacturer HeathCo offers 5 year limited warranty for this light.


Heath/Zenit SL-7210-WH solar light with motion detector is good option, if you just need lighting for your front door, garage or driveway, but may not be the best floodlight for security, as it is not the brightest light of solar security flood lights. Nonetheless, it is still a nice solar flood light, that will probably last few years, it has got pretty good motion detector with adjustable sensitivity and light illumination time. We recommend this solar flood light for anyone, who needs simple solar light to illuminate a small area outside their house or other property, and who do not want to pay lot of money for large and powerful solar flood lights.