User rating
  • 15W halogen bulb
  • External solar panel
  • Wide motion detection range
  • Narrow light beam
  • Need for bulb changes more often than LED lights
  • Quite expensive

Heath/Zenith SL-7001 is a Halogen Solar powered motion activated floodlight that gives you about 15W of halogen light completely free. This solar flood light is not a big fixture as it has the dimensions of 6.3 inches x 8 inches x 12 inches (16 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm) and the whole light weighs only 5.35 pounds (2.4 kg) that is with that separate solar panel.

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Looking from the outside The light fixture itself is made from white plastic and has one bulb in the center of this fixture which is enclosed in a reflective material that disperses the light so that it can be considered a flood light. This whole bulb head is enclosed in clear glass protective shield so no moisture can penetrate as this is light can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The fixture can be attached to any flat surface and is bolted on a hinge that has a 180 degree rotating angle so you will be able to position is as you like.

Then there is that motion sensor attached at the bottom of this fixture that is able to sense your presence in a 180 degree range up to 70 feet (21 meters) away from the light itself but it also has a light meter or photo-cell that will detect the ambient light level around the light itself so that it will not turn on in the daylight. In the night when this motion sensor is triggered the light stays on for 1 to 5 minutes and that time can be modified but the detection strength can also be modified to make it more sensitive or the other way around.

HeathZenith SL-7001


As I mentioned this light uses a Halogen light bulb to create power and you can plug in a bulb that is from 1W to 15W in strength and the upper end of this range creates quite bright light that will illuminate your garage,  driveway or backyard but it can also be used anywhere you like. There is also a battery that is included in the purchase that can be recharged by that external solar panel but there are no labels how much capacity there is but it works for a couple of hours and will provide you with light all night long if you don’t go outside every 5 minutes. The recharging process takes a while and sometimes it will not be enough to recharge your battery only one day but when you do it will power that real halogen light not some lousy LED diode light bulb that barely makes any light.

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Solar panel

The solar panel is a regular panel that can be mounted on any surface with a long enough wire so you could mount it on any rooftop or other remote area. This solar panel needs a lot of light to fully recharge that battery so be sure to point it to sun when it is brightest and be sure to change the angle as the sun changes its trajectory in the sky as the autumns or spring comes.


This solar powered halogen floodlight is great for people that still do not trust LED diode technology and want a regular Halogen light that will create that white/blue color light that we like so much. The fixture is strong and can survive trough winter and hale and that is a great advantage and I can advise you to buy this light!