User rating
  • dusk to dawn work time
  • weather proof housing
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame
  • multiple mounting options
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Price is a bit high


SolarIlluminations is a US company based in Florida and they specialize in solar powered lighting systems for home and industrial use. They offer light ranging from small flood lights to industrial standard lighting systems and all of their products have amazing build quality and long lifespan.


This specific Flood light is an Industrial strength 144 LED diode monster that produces the light equivalent to 200W CFL bulb and the battery pack is able to support maximum light output all night long and that is why they call it a dusk to dawn light.
FL10 is entirely made from metal and is capable of supporting itself on any flag pole, ground mounted or even vertical walls and these features give you the freedom to install this light anywhere you need and that long lasting battery will allow you to get maximum light at the dark hours of the night.
The light fixture itself is made from aluminum with a black stylish finish that allows this light fixture to be weather resistant and have the rating of I.P 65 and that means the light is capable to withstand sandstorms , high velocity wind and even snow storms without any damages. This light fixture contains 144 CREE@ LED diodes that each produce about 8 lumens and that means the total lumen output from this light is 1152 lumens that may sound not that impressive, but when you consider that this light is entirely powered on solar energy and can work all night long then that seems a lot! This diode head fixture can be mounted on horizontal or vertical surfaces and can be adjusted in both directions so you will be able to achieve the optimum light angle for the area you need to illuminate.

FL10 Solar 144 LED fixture

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If we move on from the light fixture to the battery we can see that they are both connected with a weather resistant plug and play cable that allows you to seamlessly link both light parts together. The battery pack itself consists of two 17 Amp/Hr Lead acid batteries that are sealed in an aluminum weather resistant box to protect them from corrosion and to prolong their lifespan. These batteries can supply enough power to the light to keep it working 12 hours straight and that means a complete dusk to dawn capabilities and when one or both batteries are close to the end of their life you can simply open the metal box and replace them without any hassle. These two separate batteries need to be linked together in series so that they provide maximums lifetime not maximum power output.

The Solar panel on this solar flood light fixture is a 30 W module that is capable of recharging both those batteries in about 4 to 5 hours of sunlight and that is a big bonus because on other solar powered light you need all day to recharge batteries and if you get cloudy skies you will be left with half charged batteries and not enough juice to power that light all night long. But with this solar panel this light is capable of recharging even in cloudy weather because some sunlight still penetrates the clouds and this panel will be able to absorb it and generate enough electricity to fully recharge those batteries. This solar panel is also enclosed in aluminum case that makes it water and weather resistant and there is also a easy to use socket where you can easily connect the battery with this solar panel. The panel itself can be mounted on many different surfaces or even on ground with an included pole that allows you to raise it higher than the floodlight itself to get more energy from the sun.

Overall this light is a very powerful option if you need a really high standard durable and waterproof flood light that will run completely on solar power. The manufacturer gives a 1 year limited warranty but says that the light fixture itself is rated to 100000 hours work time, but I doubt they have tested it.

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