User rating
  • Bright as daylight
  • Easy to install
  • Quality and Design
  • Top level customer service
  • Dusk to dawn, SMART ON and other features
  • Resistant to weather
  • Great battery life and work time
  • Decreased illumination and motion detection angle
  • Limited number of places where can be set up
  • Pricey


eLEDing Pure Digital Solar Powered Motion Activated 60 LED Security Flood Light is designed by EE Systems Group Inc, which has provided advanced security/safety system solutions and innovative energy saving products worldwide for over than 25 years.

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eLEDing EE860DT 60Review

This eLEDing EE860DT 60 LED solar powered flood light is quite unique flood light
with its all in one set design and specifications. It can be a great light for those, who do not want a separate part flood light, where motion sensor and solar panel ar not mounted on a flood light itself. Design and build quality can ensure that this light will look good not only at outdoor areas, but also used indoor as light source or maybe as a decoration light with its SMART ON moonlight brightness option. However, design is not the only advantage this flood light have. It can produce fair amount of brightness with 60 super bright LED diodes. Work time cannot be forgotten either. This light can produce 70 hours of continuous illumination, with its built-in 3W solar panel and 1.5AH lithium batteries, which is decent number compared to different solar flood lights available. Here are some features listed by the manufacturer to give you some more indepth sight about this flood lights options and capabilities.

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Features listed by manufacturer

High level of brightness
This solar flood light can produce brightness level for up to 1000 lumens, this can guarantee to highly illuminate your desired area. Light comes with 60 super bright SMD-LED diodes.

Long period of illumination on one full charge with built in large solar panel
eLEDing 60 LED flood light can provide continuous illumination for more than 70 hours. This can be achieved with help of eLEDing Intelligence Power Management (IPM) technology and “SMART ON” function. This solar flood light can easily illuminate from dusk to dawn with built-in 3W large monocrystalline solar panel and required battery capacity is 1.5AH.

SMART ON function
eLEDing 60 LED flood lights SMART ON function even more extends lights illumination time. It turns on “Moon Night” mode at night and dims down to half brightness that produces low amount of light all night and turns to full brightness when motion is detected in front of the light. “Moon night” mode brightness can be good as your night decoration light and do not disturb your neighbours with its reasonable level of brightness.

Durability and high operational temperatures
Solar flood lights casing is built from polycarbonates, which is durable material that has a high impact resistance and UV protection that is ideal for outdoor usage. Light weighs only 1.6lbs and can operate in temperature range from -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C).

Adjustable settings with ePIR, motion sensor range and lights mount direction
Flood lights motion sensor and sensitivity can be controlled with help of ePIR technology. Its detection range is adjustable up to 180 degree angle and can detect movement in 45’x45’.
Also lamp can be mounted horizontal or vertical, providing even more flexibility and options for usage in many applications.

Long lifetime (LED, lithium battery)
Solar Light is powered by 7.4VDC/1.5AH lithium-polymer battery. It has much longer lifetime and lighter weight than Lead acid based batteries and also do not contain any toxic components. LED diodes also provides longer lifetime than other type of bulbs used in flood lights.

Here are listed and described in detail the main advantages and disadvantages for this solar flood light by people using this light. This light has certainly got lots of great advantages and in my opinion is one of the best solar flood lights at this category (all in one fixture) and price range currently available to purchase.


  • Bright as daylight – This flood light can produce a fair amount of brightness to light up your desired object or area. 60 LED diodes illuminates area to look more similar to daylight. It may not be the brightest of solar flood lights, but in most cases will do the job of illuminating area greatly;
  • Easy to installone piece and no wiring – As flood light comes with solar panel and motion sensor in one fixture, installation process of light is much easier. No wires are needed to set up the light. This all makes it more easy than setting up a regular flood light;
  • Quality and Design – this solar flood light in opposite to cheaper lights has got a better build quality, light does not look cheap, design is good and can be used also as interior object, not only as light source;
  • Top level customer service – as with other eLEDing lights, this also has a great customer service. First thing to consider when shopping online is weather company or seller your are buying from provides good customer service, warranty and return policy. EE systems group inc. has got a top level customer service and attitude, and if your light becomes faulty or has got any defects, just contact the company and they will quickly answer your questions and will solve any problems you have with purchased product and you will get a replacement on warranty if light is not working;
  • Dusk to dawn, SMART ON and other features – all these features together makes this solar powered flood light even more likable to customers. It can illuminate from dusk to dawn, SMART ON feature dims lights down to half brightness and when motion is detected turns them back on to full brightness, adjustable sensitivity for motion sensor;
  • Resistant to weather – cold temperatures, rain, snow – light is also resistant to more difficult weather conditions like hot and cold temperatures, rain and even snow;
  • Great battery life and work time – thanks to 1.5AH lithium battery and large 3W solar panel and some advanced technologies like IPM and SMART ON function, light can easily illuminate all night and provide more than 70 hours of work time.


  • Decreased illumination and motion detection angle – Light illuminates mostly down below not as much to front, because of 45 degree light angle, and motion sensor detects movement only in near distance. This can be worked out by using additional mounting to position the lights in such angle that suites your illumination area;
  • Limited number of places where can be set up – Because solar panel is built in one unit with light, flood light must be set on such place, where direct sunlight gets to the solar panel, and that can limit the number of applications where you can use the flood light. When solar panel is as separate part from light, it can be placed anywhere else, where cable length reaches to light, and that way increasing number of places where to use the solar flood light. However, manufacturer says that additional separate solar panel can be bought for the light for additional cost;
  • Pricey – some people may find the light to be a little bit more pricey than other floodlights on the market, but with all the advantaged and features this light provides, that really should not be a big problem.


All thing considered, this is a great solar flood light for your residential, industrial or commercial applications. It does look good, is well built, has many features and advantages and comes with built in solar panel and motion sensor. If you are looking for this kind of light (all in one fixture), then this may be the best solar flood light in this price range that you can get. Considering the top class attitude to customers from the manufacturer – EE Systems Group Inc, you can not really go wrong when purchasing this eLEDing Solar Powered Motion Activated LED security Flood Light.

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