User rating
  • Two brightness options
  • Good level of brightness
  • Company has very good customer service
  • Decent motion detectors sensitivity
  • Can illuminate all night
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price
  • Poor battery lifetime
  • Problems with build quality
  • Wall mount may not be secure


eLEDing EE836DE Pure Digital Solar Powered Motion Activated LED Security Flood Light is designed by EE Systems Group Inc. that has provided advanced security/safety system solutions and innovative energy saving products worldwide for over than 25 years.

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eLEDing EE836DE Pure DigitalReview

This solar flood light has got pure digital solar/hybrid lighting engine. Its high capacity 10VDC/3W monocrystalline solar panel guarantees that light can work without other electric power source than solar panel charged battery. This LED solar flood light is designed for usage in residential, commercial and industrial applications. eLEDing Solar LED flood light has many impressive highlights and features that makes it a very good option as a security light or just a regular or decoration light for your home entry, backyard, warehouse, boat, parking lot, garage, stairs, boat and a lot more. Mentioned highlights and features are –

High motion detection performance – It has got intelligent detection performance. Motion detectors range is adjustable up to 60’x60’. Light and motion sensor can be adjustable 180 degrees(pan) and 90 degrees(tilt).

Hight brightness level – Solar light is equipped with 36 super bright LED Matrix Light diodes. They can produce brightness up to 200+ Lux at 1m/3ft range.

Emergency Function – if there is a power outage, light automatically illuminates.

Hybrid Power Source and large capacity solar panel – LED light can be charged with car lighter, standard AC power supply or solar power. For last charging option it includes large capacity (10VDC/3W) solar panel.

Very long continuous illumination with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) and Smart On feature – 30+ hours of continuous illumination with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) makes this only category of solar light that can fully illuminate from dusk to down and required battery capacity is only 1.0AH. Smart On function ensures that light can dim down to low light (Moon Night mode) and when movement is detected in front of light it immediately turns up brightness to maximum.

Lite with High durability – This LED Solar Flood light weighs only 1.1LBs(0.49kg) and has got UV protection and its case is built from polycarbonate that is highly durable and good for outdoor usage. Operation temperature for light is from -25°F(-32°C) to +125°F(52°C) and its case is waterproof.

Long lasting, non-toxic battery – this light has got 7.4VDC/1.0AH lithium-polymer battery, which is lighter, has got much longer lifetime than Lead acid based batteries and do not contain any toxic substances.

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Additional information

It comes packed with wall mounting plate with hardware. Bulb voltage is 7.4 volts. Body color is white and LED illumination color is Pure white. Manufacturer also offers one year warranty from date of purchase.


All things considered, this is a good lamp to use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. It can perform its task as a front door night light or a security light very well. This solar flood light has got many advantages, main of which is probably long work time from dusk to down, and also some disadvantages that can be tried and resolved by contacting the manufacturing company. All in all, this a considerable option if LED Solar Flood light is needed for any home, backyard, different outdoor place, warehouse or all kinds of other area illumination.

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